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    man this is seriously bad made in my eyes. I installed from CD now and now I have a mirror error and CANT INSTALL GRUB. I change back to freeNAS or NASforFree because there I dont have these issues and frankly there my HDs never failed. Running now the system on the 3rd HD (USB not included) and this cant be my fault any more. Really sick of this and I liked OMV very much.

    Not to say, that I am really pissed off now.

    Hello allI have my omv and a synology NAS. Over remote share I have given access to smb folders on the synology nas. But the movie files are show as folders and not files.I do have a picture but no clue how to add it to this forum.The problem is, that due to they are shown as folders I cant play them and plex does not recognize them. I have no clue, why this is happening. As the user has read/writeon the synology NAS.

    Gilhin: kann ich verstehen, geht mir ab und an auch so. Mittlerweile muss ich sagen, wäre ein DMS für mich gar nicht so schlecht. ich hab ein richtiges chaos mittlerweile mit den ganzen Dokumenten und wo ich sie überall abgelegt habe :D

    Mark: das weiss ich auch, dass MySQL nicht gliech PostgreSQL ist. Einige DMS unterstützen ja beides. Und ich habe mit keinem Wort gesagt, dass die gleich sind.

    uuuh lass die finger weg von zarafa. ich wollte sogar das kaufen und die haben mich einfach missachtet. Scheiss firma sorry. Blöderweise habe ich zarafa auf meinem synology benutzt und jetzt stecken meine emails dort fest, weil ich bin nicht so versiert mit command line und so und ich kann sie nicht exportieren und wo anders einlesen. Auch da hat die Firma Zarafa die Hilfe verweigert. Dabei wollte ich ihr produkt kaufen und sogar mit Servicevertrag.

    UCS ist ein geniales ding, kommt nicht mit aller hardware zurecht aber ich finde die Lösung ganz gut. HAst du die rechte überprüft und bist du dir sicher dass sie inherit sind? Also nach unten weitergegeben werden? Hast du schon
    nach Howtos im Netz gesucht und die Foren abgesucht? WEil hier ist das OMV forum und nicht das UCS, so leid es mir tut. Du müsstest deine Frage schon im UCS forum stellen.

    goldberg: I know what you mean. I ripped over 400 movies (still not finished) and each one costs me 20-50 mins (dvd around 20 Bluerays around 40-50mins)
    If you dont want todo that then you have to stick with kodi and xbmc.

    My collection has around 600 DVDs and nearly 100 Bluerays.

    bought a sata controller and now the same problem.
    I think the installation is in that part not well done.
    Why the heck does the installer wants to install grub allways
    in dev/sda when you have chosen dev/sdg.

    Now the installation failed again and I have to use Lilo again
    just to get it running again. And then after a few month the partitions
    fail again. This is now the 3rd HD iam using.

    I would mount the ISO and just rip the movie. I would do it just for the sake of way smaller file size. I never watch the extras or all the other crap on them. The client has nothing to do with this. But to each his own....

    I usually use Magic ISO or Daemon Tools.

    Which is what I said with using MakeMKV or Handbrake (i Just learned that). Just there you dont have to mount the iso first.

    with all you wrote now you are going off the thread as well.

    I did not say ANYTHING about Kodi and XBMC and I also didnt
    say its a bad recommendation.

    Yes you didnt say directly he should go away from plex. But by mentioning
    another product is something equal to saying, hey dont use plex rather use this.
    Which in the end, is not related to his question as well.

    And by the way, how come you know he has 100 movies? And can you let him
    decide which way he wants to go? Again you getting at the moment everything
    in the wrong throat, I think.

    realy unrelated? Where do you get this from?

    Plex does not support iso, so hands the best way is to repack the files.
    Which does not take much time. And yes Handbrake is another great tool for it.
    And many others.

    Secondly changing all the clients and installing a new server for kodi and xbmc or installing apps on a NAS and reconfigure everything
    is taking as much time as repacking the files, I think.

    But hey who am I. At least I dont say something like I dont like this and that.
    My 2 cents have not been meant as thread or insult, thats why I wrote its funny
    that kodi and xbmc is always the first answer. I know of the fight between xbmc
    and plex, but again, I let that aside.

    you dont need an alternative. Just repack the iso to a format, which is supported by plex.
    you can read iso files with makemkv and convert it to a supported format with it. And Makemkv is even a free tool.
    all these infos you can find in the plex forum and on the offical side.

    IIts funny that ppl always give the answer plex is not supporting iso and refer to kodi and xbmc
    instead of giving him a good solution to the actual problem.

    And why do I know that? I work in IT support and I run a plex server at home for nearly 2 years now.

    @ryecoaaron I think you helped me once when my HD broke down. it happend again but now I bought a SATA controller
    instead of usb port.

    Which will happen probably soon. I dont know the road map but I think with the next bigger version change of OMV they
    implement more HW support. But I agree the hardware support must grow or the possibility of a db where I can download drivers during install.

    But as before, I rather go the save way with servers then be sorry of any loss or attack happens. On the other hand, btrfs is a young file system might be better for big volumes, fault tolerance, self data healing and more but performance wise its the same like ext4.

    And this feature for example is very important for me as I work with raids:


    Btrfs lacks the RAID-Z features of ZFS, so RAID is still in the experimental state with Btrfs. However, for pure data storage, Btrfs is the winner over ext4, but time will tell.


    I am not going to use experimental stuff for my production servers :-) But I think thats the same as you would do.

    Naja ich bin eher dafür headless zu fahren. Sprich unter "OMV" ist ja so oder so ein Debian, daher versteh ich die Frage schon zu beginn nicht.
    Selber ein OS aufsetzen und dann OMV installieren, braucht man ja nur, wenn man mit dem Server noch etwas anderes macht. Ich bin ein verfechter
    von dedizierten Maschinen und halte eben nicht wirklich viel von Virtualisierung. Es mag seine Berechtigung haben aber ich mags einfach nicht.
    Und ich spreche aus Erfahrungen (privat wie auch über meine Arbeit).

    Ja, wenn du noch anderes machen willst mit dem Server, dann musste ein OS installieren und OMV zusätzlich. Ich rate zwar immer ab, auf einem
    Server auch noch Spiele zu betreiben und Desktop Software laufen zu lassen. Aber eben, dass ist meine Meinung.

    Entschuldige, dass ich das mit der Flexibilität sozusagen einfach überlesen habe. Aber für Minecraft brauchste nicht unbeding Windows. Das läuft
    auch unter Linux.

    Es würde mich aber dennoch interessieren, wie es bei dir läuft. Also einen kleinen Erfahrungsbericht, wenn du den Server schon benutzt.

    Hope he is not talking about the fish "guppy" :D No I think he was refering to…g=165&mnuid=101&tconfig=0 . Seams to be a kind of web portal thing.

    But on the top siulman PLEASE read about OMV and what kind of Plugins are around instead of asking those questions. Because if you would have done it, you would know about nginx.
    Ryecoaaron has probably better things todo as to answer such stupid questions. And sorry to say so, just because you write down you would apologize for it does not make it better.

    And no, im not angry nor anything else. I just write in a direct way so ppl realize how lazy they are.

    This is what I was looking for. I used Zarafa in the past on my Synology NAS but its a pain. I cant or dont know how to export my emails now and the plugin is not maintained by the owner of Zarafa. Its in the community and half leagal. U only can setup 3 users and I need at least 5. I even would dontate to this, because its important for me.

    Well never setup an OS on a different device and use it on another. Then its better to run it virtualized or if both computer are hardware vice 100% the same.
    Well if the computer where it should finanly run does not recognize the usb you will have problems later on anyway. Even if the boot process goes through.
    you dont find any network card because you dont have setup one.

    If the system has not recognized a card you cant bring it up with ifconfig.

    If OMV runs try to access it over SSH and run OMV-firstaid. and reconfigure the network cards.

    mmmh thin clients for a storage server? I dont know if that is a wise decision. And especially if you like to stream music and video. Does not mather what you take as software then.
    But try it out, before you buy something new. Even with both of the thin clients. Also it depends how many people at the same time are accessing it and then even the CPU might
    be wrong. Also keep in mind, if many access it, you need also enough RAM. I mean more than 2GB. If you want to make a good NAS or storage server build it up so you can exspand it
    later on. You dont have to spend alot of money but out of you text you already have realized that you need more ports. Also I dont know if OMV supports these thin client out of the box.

    @vodooman: you cant exspect that windows supports every f...... CPU. Not even Linux does that.
    OMV runs as quietly as the Computer is. Software cant make noise except its an audio software.
    And his question was not, how good OMV is. I think he wants to know if the thin clients are good enough.

    Hallo Michelle

    Ich bin schon seit sicher 2 Jahren mit Plex vertraut und habe ebenfalls seit einem Jahr auf OMV am laufen. Bin sehr zufrieden damit.
    Leider ist der i5 nicht gerade gut fürs transcoding. Welches du wirklich brauchst für Plex. Ausser du hast nur clients, welche
    die Filme native abspielen können. Hier noch eine kleine Übersicht:…e-i7-4770k-review,16.html

    Ansonsten ist das setup von dir top.

    OMV ist ein eigenes System, also braucht man nicht zuerst Debian zu installieren und dann OMV. Unter OMV wird Plex über die Extras unterstützt.
    Wenn du nicht ständig auf der neusten Version sein willst (nur über SSH und command line möglich) dann sind sie relativ aktuell.

    Von was für einer flexibilität sprichst du? Willst du den PlexServer auch als Desktop verwenden? Ich persönlich rate dir von Virtuallisierung ab, ausser
    du willst den Server als Virtual hoster haben und noch andere Server Virtualisieren. Ansonsten verlierst du nur Performance für nichts.

    Bin nicht immer online aber du kannst gerne mich mit fragen löchern.

    Frohe Festtage
    Ich nutze zwar schon sehr lange Linux, bin aber noch immer kein crack darin :)