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    I used tools I have, but this is only small whole for cables, disk is bolted to VESA mount. If I find small cheap disk for OS I can go back to "basic" setup :)

    With that button, it occurs that after restart everything is working fine :)

    I finished my setup few months ago. I could find smaller disk for OS to not pay less than for Optiplex so I decided to take old disk outside. The old disk is loud as hell but it is noticeable only at nigh. My setup is working fine. I use it only for file server, but I think I might use it for backup. For now I have only one problem with power button. Settings via webgui doesn't work for me. I want to turn of with this button but noting happens. Do you have the same problem?

    I've got mine since two days, but I have big problem with cable. I guess this should be a simple extension cord for sata, but all I can get is some kind of pcb adapters and again I need to wait and buy it via internet. Please tell me if I am wrong, this should cable like this one: (at least 50 cm?)

    I'd like to made same project as you, so I have few questions. What kind of OS do you use? Is it FreeNas, NAS4Free or something else? How is performance of this set? I can buy NAS for about 50$ but it is so pure specs that I would buy Dell FX160 for that money and build it by myself.