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    Good choice going with the Optiplex! You won't regret it. I hope you have luck with your Kingspec. Make a back up of your OMV installation with Clonezilla. It will save you a lot of time if something goes wrong.

    Regarding the flash plugin, it is not…

    Thanks ! :thumbsup: Yeah If all goes to plan The optiplex is a good choice and will fit my requirements perfect. Yeah I hope the kingspec holds out it took flipping ages to come from China i ordered it back in December last year and it came on Monday. I will make a backup with clonezilla right away thats a good idea saves the hassle of redoing everything. I will check out the subsonic plugin and see how good it is I am trying to save £££ so plex might not be the best solution but I will find out.


    well its been a while since my last post here but i am now up and running. I first upgraded the tiny 2gb sata dom and brought a kingspeed 16gb dom off the bay it came all the way from china and took weeks to get here. On looking at the kingspeed dom its alot larger then the one the machine came with in length and width, with some careful persuasion i manged to get it fitted but then found the mount where my 1tb 2,5 drive was going to go the rear leg no longer fits on the hole in the motherboard. so what i did was bent it up and place it in best i could and screwed the other two holes in place. I manage to get the case back together and installed omv and few extra plugins so far so good.

    I liked eyrans post about kingspeed being like a lottery it did make me laugh :thumbsup: I just hoped i picked the right numbers soon will tell if she dies on me or keeps rocking !

    One thing I am unsure of is with this dom being like a ssd would I require to install the flashmemory plugin or will i be alright with out it.

    So far so good I have set up a few shares and installed transmission. going to look at the plex server sometime as I would like to stream my music collection from the server to my phone when I am in the car and stream it over 4g is plex the only option for doing this or is there a alternative.

    Eyran I have been following your thread as I have also just brought one of these units from Ebay to use with omv

    I got my unit today but not really looked at it much as i am still waiting on my sata flash and 1tb wd red to come

    I am hoping to use this unit as NAS/torrent box

    For streaming my video i am hoping i can connect from my openelec build with kodi (xbmc) and play the content from a network share

    Maybe looking at a kodi build for playing your media might help it