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    I've just upgraded to omv 4.x. ... omv is working fine. All data is accessible.
    In omv 3.0.99 I had 4 docker containers running succesfully

    • linuxserver.letsencrypt
    • linuxserver.mariadb
    • linuxserver.piwigo
    • linuxserver.nextcloud

    It seems the letsencrypt container is working fine since the certificate is working and the nginx redirect is working.
    In the docker-gui plug-in the other containers have status 'running' but I cannot connect.

    I am no expert at all and don't have any clue on where to start looking.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    I have defined a smb share in OMV called 'photos'.
    On a linux mint desktop computer in the same network I can manually mount the smb share in Nemo through Networks>Windows Networks>network name>omv>photos
    Now I want to auto mount this share using fstab, so I mad this entry

    //omv/photos /media/pictures cifs username=myUserName,password=******* 0 0

    But I get this error: mount error(5): Input/output errorSearching on the web I found a possible solution to add argument ",sec=ntlm"

    //omv/photos /media/pictures cifs username=myUserName,password=*******,sec=ntlm 0 0

    But then I get: mount error(22): Invalid argument
    What am I doing wrong ?