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    Nice a encryption plugin!

    Perfect timing, sorta, FreeNAS 10.x development has dropped encryption support. I just finished setting up freenas last month after I learned of OMV not having any plugins. Time to prepare data migration again.

    Why do you think VeraCrypt is any better than LUKS? LUKS is built in to the kernel.

    In terms of encryption strength I have no clue which is better. But with luks multiple clients can access the same shared data as it becomes transparent to the user and OMV. Plus any VM or plugin doesn't need to be aware of having to mount containers etc. I'm fine with having to enter a password upon bootup and leaving it running 24/7; its the purpose of a NAS. If I was the only user then vercrypt containers would work fine.

    Currently none of the Plugin devs said that they're interested in developing a Plugin for encryption. Volker hasn't said a word about it either, too.

    Thanks you clearly answering my question. Basically, there are no plans for builtin encryption support.

    Only down side with encryption container like truecrypt is that the decryption happens on the client end and for one user only.

    Guess…f_boot_disk_to_store_data is the only route to take.

    I'm deciding between FreeNAS and OMV for my NAS build. Currently, leaning towards OMV+SnapRAID for it's ability on bitrot detection & easier drive expansion disk-by-disc basis.

    FreeNAS has encryption support built-in, but from what I read OMV doesn't nor any plugin exist. You can manually encrypt a drive using LUKS, but has anyone done this with SnapRAID plugin running too? How much trouble is it and would it cause any complication for future OMV changes or when a drive fails?