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    So just 55 $ per month backing up my current data?


    That'd be for their mainstream offering, which has no linux client as of yet and indeed offers unltd backup for $5/month.

    I was however referring to their brand enw S3-like offering (called b2) where they offer pay-as-you-use storage (much akin to Amazon Glacier except way cheaper). The idea is you pay .005 cts / gb stored, uploads are free and downloads are .05ct / gb (off the top of my head).
    Makes for a cheap offline backup solution (where you seldom need to recover your files - if ever).

    The thing has been announced 2 weeks ago and we still need to see main backup software (duplicity, arq, etc) supporting b2 as a backend. Should be quite soon after beta starts since they already offer an API etc.

    EDIT: read "5$ a month" - sorry

    That is the best pricing I have seen with something that looks like it would work well for a plugin.

    You bet - backup software devs (such as duplicity) are getting a lot of demand to include them as backend now.
    Just a matter of waiting before it happens :)

    Also worth mentionning is hubic, which
    - is supported by duplicity
    - offers unltd storage for 10€ / month
    - is hosted in France (which is a + for me anyway)

    But I wouldnt truest em as dvpt seems to have stopped, website is sketchy as f** and support nonexistent.

    Is anything planned for duplicity ?

    Backblaze announced a few days ago a S3-like service with low low pricing (; I might get into backing my data there as soon as duplicity starts offering it as a storage backend.

    A plugin would be great to check on existing backup status, add some, etc.

    Alternatively, what could be used / already exists for off-site, compressed, incremental and encrypted backups ?

    Thanks a lot

    Nope, set it to its most verbose level too..

    Yes - with top

    Nzbget is definitely monitoring a folder for incoming .nzbs - albeit every 5s only.
    Tried isabling that with no effect on CPU %

    Killing process and starting it over again brings it back to 80% CPU..

    EDIT: I'm not even downloading anything atm.

    Hello all,

    Just came across this in my process list tab

    Was just wondering if that high CPU % from nzbget was normal and if anyone came across the same issue ?

    Thanks a lot


    I've setup through Docker and it works extremely well, setup was a breeze and I thank you for that!

    I access my data through volumes and bind mounts and was wondering what would be a restrictive ACL on my data/folder ie which specific user is used by docker and should be allowed read/write on this.

    As it is, I have to put Other: Read/Write in ACL on shared folder data/ to be able to create / delete files in

    Thks again, extremely useful plugin :D

    Funny I was just looking at that as I saw the thread on docker-ui being stable.
    Don't know anything about docker, need to see how it would play with data outside of the site root folder.

    I'll have a look, thanks for the advice !

    Hello all,

    Some background:

    I installed the website plugin and am in the process of installing
    Website root is in its own filesystem (www/), and user data folders are symlinked to the data path.

    I have gotten to work but encounter issue on moving folders

    The first argument to copy() function cannot be a directory in plugins/access.fs/class.fsAccessDriver.php

    and deleting, were I get a "operation not permitted" message

    I'm guessing all this is due to my data being symlinked and I still need to investigate this


    I realize this is all related but have a more trivial OMV question regarding the conf file used for my websites: where is it located ?

    I might need to compare it to the one provided here :

    Also, If any of you knows how symlinks are handled by and what should be done to iron out the copy() and permissions errors, can't say no to some advice !

    Thank you very much .

    Hello everyone,

    Just installed OMV - everything going greate until I tried installing a few plugins, namely
    - nginx 2.0-2
    - websites 1.2
    - sensors 1.0.19
    - extplorer 1.1
    - locate 1.0

    Then I can't uninstall any of them, I get this error (same with all plugins, just an example)

    Any idea where it could come from ? I installed OMV 2.1.15

    Thanks !
    EDIT: had to enable openmediavault-nginx first, was able to uninstall then.