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    I am opening this topic again to see if anyone knows how to let jellyfin run on a custom port in a letsencrypt docker environment.

    Initially i thought it might be enough to let nginx listen on the custom port by changing the following ports 443 to custom in the site-confs/default file and forward the same port in my router.

    listen 443 ssl http2 default_server;
    listen [::]:443 ssl http2 default_server;

    This seems to work at least a bit as the default page of the roots webserver is being presented. But i cannot access jellyfin.

    I have a running linuxserver/letsencrypt docker that i am using for nextcloud. This works fine.

    I have now set up a Jellyfin docker that also works fine using the HTTP port locally.

    Now i wanted to use the reverse proxy of the letsencrypt installation to allow remote access through HTTPS for my Jellyfin docker but can't get it to work.

    I have renamed the jellyfin.subfolder.conf.sample to jellyfin.subfolder.conf

    I have renamed "set $upstream_app jellyfin;" to "set $upstream_app Jellyfin;" as Jellyfin is my container name.

    I left the port for HTTPS in Jellyfin to default 8920 and forwarded the port in my router.

    The Jellyfin docker runs in bridge mode and 8920 is exposed to my host network.

    What am i missing?

    Is a bug on tracker related to the new photos app. Quite nasty, since in shares photos won't open at all.

    It was supposed to be fixed with 19, but its still there. I wait day by day for a new release.

    Seems like the behavirour is still the same.

    I found this post:…-to-your-photos-app/86921

    I suggests to install the old gallery app to make photos from external storage accessible with the photos app.

    Guess that is what i am heading to then.

    After some testing it seems that rights are not inherited to other groups in nextcloudpi docker. So I cannot access a directory that has group "users" even if www-data is member of this group.

    As soon as i change the group to "www-data" it is accessible.

    That is not really nice as i cannot just change the permissions because of the effect on other applications.

    The directory is shown as empty in Nextcloud.

    When I log in as www-data on the console with:

    sudo -u www-data bash

    I can enter the directory and get the directoriy listing.

    Doing a file scan in admin interface says:

    Exception during scan: opendir(/JulyPaddy/): failed to open dir: Permission denied
    #0 [internal function]: OCA\Files\Command\Scan->exceptionErrorHandler(2, 'opendir(/JulyPa...', '/data/nextcloud...', 131, Array)

    Seems like www-data user is not the same as the docker www-data user even if the UID is identical??

    When logging into the container console the owner of the directory is different that on the host system.

    The owner is here ncp and not my system user. Maybe ACLs and permissions are also not reflected correclty to the docker?

    It's really strange.

    The folder structure i would like to access is 770 in general (/JulyPaddy).

    ACL includes the group "users" and user "www-data" as well as group "www-data" with read/write access. to /JulyPaddy

    user www-data is in groups "users" as well as the group "julypaddy"

    "julypaddy" also has priviledges for the shared folder (/JulyPaddy).

    Adding the share in "external storage" works with a green light but it is empty in nextcloud.