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    So I added the card and now the Fan's won't drop below 39%


    Where can i find a bios update? I'm on p62 with a date of 05/05/11

    Also can a second SFF be inserted in the machine?

    My plan is just to run OMV running Plex, UnionFS, 2 USB external 4 Disk Hard drive enclosures (Stores all the media) ZFS is not an option in my opinion mostly because i don't have enough experience with it.

    I currently have DL380 G6 with Dual Xeon 5520's running 96 GB ECC ram and 2 300 GB HDD. The system does have 2 250GB SSD and 1 500 SSD but I haven't figure out how to get that added to the system. As I said the 2 External 4 disk enclosures (16TB) will be with connected via USB and they already store all the media from my other OMV system.

    I don't know enough about the other options in OMV to be able to make a educated decision.

    Good Evening,

    I seem to be having issues with transfer speeds. I currently use external Hard Drive enclosures with USB 3.0 plugged into USB 3.0 ports on the back of the PC. When i transfer several large files from one PC to the internal hard of the OMV PC I get close to 110 MB/s. When i transfer a file from the same PC to the OMV external Hard Drive i get 88 MB/s in the beginning but it drops drastically to 10 MB/s.

    1. How can i tell if my system is recognizing my ports as 3.0
    2. How can i verify that the drivers for the USB 3.0 are loaded
    3. How can i figure where the problem is.

    I've run into a curious issue that I'd like o see if i can get resolved without having to do a full install.

    I'm currently using the UFS with MDDHFS (i have never even seen mergeFS as an option) I have tried to delete one of my pools as they no longer exist. I always get a failed with the following message

    I was thinking about making 2 different UFS's so that i could back one up to the other, Or making a raid 5 with some and using snap raid for the backup. So i attempted to delete my primary pool and recieved the same message. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    I did actually find a way to see what is was doing, It's not perfect but it gives be a general idea.

    Under System Logs you pick Rsync Jobs and it gives you a list of what has transferred. Like I said it's not perfect but it still give me more information then I had before.

    I began a Rsync last night of 1.9 TB of data and I would like to be able to see what the status of the transfer is.

    It's going from a USB 3.0 Hard Drive enclosure to a USB 3.0 external Hard Drive I can see in the processes that Rsync is running.

    How can i see how much is left?

    External Drives disappear while running, The server hasn't rebooted but the drive just stop responding and when i check the file section all the Hard Drives are N/A and they can't be mounted. I'm actually not suere where to start? Should i look at my USB 3.0 drivers? If so how do I go about doing that.

    Currently i'm only streaming Movies from my OMV to my Amazon Fire TV using Plex. I plan on allowing my mother in law access to my list of Movies and TV shows once i get my FTTH 1 Gbps speeds installed. Since her network is only 7 Mbps i doubt i'll be using much of the 100mbps. It's not buffering while we are watching the show just the initial loading which use to take 10-15 secs has just to 30+ sec. When I bonded it allowed me to load in 10 sec again. I'm currently running a i7-6700t processor clocked at 2.8 ghz with 8 GB Ram at 1600.

    When using plex I have been getting longer buffer times with my new system which is using a USB gige connection. I have bonded my NIC's but i'm wondering if it's over kill or if i need to just stop using the USB nic since the on board one is working fine.