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    No, I haven't tried the browser cache but i will now.

    IP of OMV
    IP of router
    IP of DHCP server

    Edit: Completed cleared everything from IE to make sure it wasn't a form issue also

    I am building a new system which will be more powerful then my last. My issues is that I'm using MHDDFS and I have 1 drive that is failing. I know i can just plug the drives in and reset it up and I should be good. The problem is I don't want to do that. I want to remove the failing drive of the data it stores. Then I want to make a few Raids with the drives and then add those back into the MHDDFS and get it up and running.. How can I find what files are sitting on that drive

    Sorry he asked what command I used I used to replace the 3.16 with the 4.06 version... I mistyped, i meant to say no command i just copy and pasted the file on the usb boot disk... Hmm OMV first aid..never heard of it looking for it now,.

    Edit: Failed vendor request failed for offset when running the Wi-Pi wireless adapter. Might be time to just go get one from the store to borrow.

    then the usb keyboard stops responding wierd

    EDIT 2: Hot shit the login page is telling me to use the web management page now

    edit 3 getting close when i type what i think the IP should be i get this {"interface":"wlan0","access_point":"***********","frequency":2.462,"ieee":"802.11","mode":"managed","quality":5,"ssid":"******"}

    I have a wipi (from raspberry pi) adapter but it's not working properly for some reason.. it cant find my DHCP server and umm not command i just replaced the file on the usb boot

    if the wipi wont work what do you suggest i go buy, I have a fry electronics and a best buy very close.

    not noob friendly is an understatement lol and no i don't read german but i do read google translate :)

    i did the interface using nano and the ifconfig is not working now. I most likely screwed something up.

    i'm trying to figure out how to load the kernal into the installer so i can attempt it.

    Edit: I think it goes here going to try i made a backup

    Spoiler: I'm a linux noob
    Good Evening,

    I currently have a prebuilt system a M900 tiny that i want to use to create a new OMV system. The issue i'm having is that it will not find the NIC. According to the manufactuer the NIC is a Intel I219-LM / I219-V LAN Card. When i got to Intel to check what drivers it might use they point me to e1000e which i have tried to pick and it just returns to the No ethernet card was detected. Where do i add the linux drivers on the USB boot so it see it?

    I have googled this issue and found this link Installing OMV2.x with Intel I219V but honestly I don't understand how to run that script. any help would be greatly appreciated

    So I was able after 4 different USB wifi devices to get one to work. How should i get the other nic working?

    Good Afternoon,

    New user to OMV that was a convert from that other place before they split. My current system is actually quite simple. Using the main PC that was in the waste bin at work.

    Lenovo m93p Tiny
    i5 4570T
    12 GB ram
    500 GB drive
    2x Media Sonic Probox 4 Bay HD Enclosure

    Good Morning, I just wanted to get some information proactively so I can be down the smallest amount of time. I currently have a OMV Stone Burner setup on a Core 2 Duo E4300 with a SSD as my Primary and 3 internal HD’s and an Mediasonic ProRaid 4 disk External Enclosure hold 2 drives. The current hard drives are setup as 1 large drive using UFS, its set to fill 1 drive before moving on.

    I will be moving to a system that will not accommodate the internal hard drives beyond the primary. I know this means I’m going to need to get them in a different enclosure. I need to know how I can move everything without losing the data I have. Any help is appreciated. If I have not supplied you with enough information please feel free to ask away