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    I want to know the fastest way to copy movies from my XBMC machine which has a external drive(USB 3.0) hooked up to it (\\family\USBdisk1) to my OMV (\\NAS\Movies) I have tried a copy paste but i'm only getting 86 MBPS a sec and I should be getting higher i would think. Let me know what you think?

    Good Afternoon,

    So last night I installed OMV successfully. I did the updates, installed aufs, and setup up my shares successfully. As it was 4 AM I rebooted the system and went to bed. I wake this morning to the system not booting.

    I decided to start over since it wouldn't boot. I boot off of my USB and install it again. This time it won't boot at all. just gives me the same blinking cursor.

    My Current setup

    OS: 120 gb SSD
    3 Seagate 2 TB drives