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    So i had to reinstall the resetperms and then it showed. I reset the permissions and now deluge shows this

    Also Sonarr show this
    Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /srv/9a94fceb-ff72-4c70-9562-591fcc600b9e/Fileserver/Downloads/Star.Trek.Discovery.S01E13.720p.WEBRip.x264-TBS

    Good Morning,

    I'm looking for a Sonarr alternative as I'm tired of seeing the "You are running an old and unsupported version of Mono" I have been having issues recently with shows not moving from downloaded to the prope folders and I can only figure that it's a issue with mono. I could update mono but I'm not experienced enough with Linux to troubleshoot my issue if something arises outside of OMV. I was wondering if there was a Sonarr alternative that doesn't use Mono?

    Good Morning,

    I currently have 2, 4 bay Media Probox's with 4 drives in each using USB connections. I'm looking to get 2 10 TB drives to replace my aging 2 TB drives. I'm currently using Mergefs to combine the 2 raids together into 1 large drive. I have a few questions on this. I also use duplicati so i do have backups. I tried to look at this Growing a mdadm RAID by replacing disks but that site no longer exists.

    Is it as simple as removing the old drives and adding the new?
    How do I make sure my files are copied over from the old drives to the new?


    I currently have a M9F00 with a i7-6700T, 32 GB ram and a 250 SSD hooked up to 2 4 Bay MediaSonic ProBox external HD enclosures running 8 Drives with 2 raid 5's giving me a total of 10.83 (5.41 each). The system works well consumes less power then an average machine. I very seldom have issues that are not of my own making. This device has 6 USB 3.0 slots. I'm trying to decide if I should move to a full size desktop. I like the thought of moving to eSATA with the MediaSonics or just putting them all in a case. I just don't want to lose the minimum power consumption.

    What I do witht he current system

    I stream TV and Movies remotely to another user in the city so transcoding does happen, I also use rutorrent and irssi, Duplicati for backups, Docker, Deluge, Plex media server, and MergeFS.

    Ok made the change and doing a full reboot just to make sure everything takes. After changing the rc file I restarted the docker container but it still showed the red exclamation point. After a reboot the same thing shows

    Edit: After a full reboot (Router, Server) it's green. Thank you for the help!

    nobody? here is what i have for docker port container

    Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
    permitted by applicable law.
    Last login: Tue Nov 28 21:13:52 2017 from
    root@openmediavault:~# docker port 26268f3fe77a
    443/tcp ->
    45566/tcp ->

    external internal


    I've tried to open ports up, down , left and right I've added them into my Router, into the container. I've changed them I don't know how many times now. I've even attempted to follow these instructions (below) and every time it stays closed. This is the only client (rtorrent specific) that has this problem. It only passively uploads files to others. please help I thought I had the solution but i have failed at every step.

    To fix this, follow these steps:
    1. Go to your Container and stop it. (Docker, select the Container, click Stop.)
    2. With the Container selected, click Edit > Port Settings.
    3. Click the Add button (at top left) and add a new entry.
    4. For Local Port, the GUI will set Local Port to Auto, but you need to manually change that to 51413 (or whatever your listen port was set to). The GUI may tell you that the number you entered isnt correct, but it is.
    5. For Container Port, enter 51413 (or whatever your listen port is)
    6. For Type, Select TCP.
    7. Click Ok to save your changes... and thats it.

    I just don't get it... Qbittorent never needs me to open ports, Deluge doesn't need it either. One is running in a docker the other is not. rtorrent the port is ALWAYS closed.This means I get horrible throughput.

    Ok, I got the config to finally show in the external location and I can find the config and edit it...

    Do i need to open to port in the docker also to allow the port to be passed from the system to the docker container?

    So, I know this is simple but i can't find my rutorrent config file so I can change the port. Everytime I attempt to change it via the WebGui it resets itself back to 51500. I tried to open it but i'm afraid that my ISP is blocking it.