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    Nur meine persönliche Meinung aber Vorsicht, ich bin alles andere als ein Experte:
    Wenn du nur per apt-get arbeitest sollte der Packetmanager ja alle Abhängigkeiten verwalten. Das ist doch das schöne an stabilen Linux Distributionen. apt-get update und das System sucht sich selbst was in den Abhängigkeiten nicht passt.
    Außerdem, was ist so schwer daran eine NAS neu aufzusetzen? Datenplatten ausbauen, System neu machen, Datenplatten einbauen?

    I SHOULD have IPv6. Anyways I told the router to use Unique Local Addresses and now it does boot again. Ill probably just disable IPv6 for the time being.
    Just out of curiosity: Is hanging at boot really the default behaviour in Debian? Seems a little weird to me. Windows at least decides on its own adress and broadcasts it, so the machine is still accessible in a local network.


    as the webgui was really slow and acting up I decided to try and reboot omv. Now it does not seem to start properly. Trying to access the webgui gets me a "connection refused". I connected a screen to the machine but the only warning I can spot is in the last 3 lines:

    /etc/resolvconf/update.d/lib.c WARNING: /etc/resolvconf is not a symbolic link to /etc/resolvconf/run/resolv.conf
    bound to -- renewal in xxxxx seconds
    /etc/resolvconf/update.d/lib.c WARNING: /etc/resolvconf is not a symbolic link to /etc/resolvconf/run/resolv.conf

    Thats it. Nothing happens after this. I do not even get a chance to type any commands, as the system seems to be waiting for something.
    The only recent change I did was enabling IPv6 (DHCP). Could the System be waiting for an IPv6 adress it never receives?

    Where are you trying to log in? The web UI or the console on the machine? The console will have the password you specified during installation. The web UI will have the user "admin" and the password "openmediavault" by default.

    Edit: Sorry I just realized it is not your first install. Guess we have to wait for someone more experienced then.

    Thx :-) Just wanted to mention that I am either blind or the setup info in the PLEX plugin is incorrect. Following the links mentioned there only leads to the forum mainpage. Which is how I ended up with ubuntu packages in the first place.

    Hello everyone,

    while trying to upgrade to the newest plexpass version I somehow messed everything up. The new version 0.9.15.x (ubuntu package) did not run. Basically the same error as here:

    Plex pass manual update, i messed something up

    So I tried to roll back and that was where everything went wrong. I did a

    apt-get remove plexmediaserver
    rm -r /path/to/database

    and then just tried to reinstall PLEX via the Web-Gui. But now I get a

    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

    and thats it. No plex running :( Maybe I forgot to purge something. Any ideas?

    Well but even if I do this it will not stop the connection attempts right? It will just make it harder for them to succeed. Who the hell does this actually.... seems like some programm just randomly targeting whatever it can find. Not like I have anything of real value for a stranger on there.

    EDIT: Well I closed the port and all of this stopped. Currently I do not really need to login from outside so it works for now. Still...fascinating someone would target a small private filehoster.

    Good morning,

    logging into my NAS this morning I found out it never did shut down. When I investigated the reasons I found out there are ssh connections always active. Ill paste a snippet of the authentication log which looks really weird to me.
    This continues for about 600 pages of the log. Is someone trying to hack into my server? And if yes, how could I stop this? I am really worried here.

    I did not want to mess with the plugin code as this might be gone every time a new update is released. So I tried my solution. I will write it down, maybe someone will find it useful.

    In /opt/teamspeak3 I created the tscron script:

    and added it to the cronjobs to run once in 10 minutes. Then I just added a autoshutdown plugin in /etc/autoshutdown.d


    Finally I set


    in the expert settings in the autoshutdown GUI.
    It works perfectly fine. As long as someone is connected to the server the ts.lock file will prevent any shutdowns from happening.

    I am a little confused. I am pretty new to linux. Your script works but what do I do with this information? The only idea I currently have is to create a cronjob to run this periodically, write the result to a file and use autoshutdowns plugin function to read it. Or am I making things to complicated?

    Hmm, for some reason I can not edit via smartphone. I think there is actually some traffic via the voiceport as soon as someone is connected. Autoshutdown just does not recognize it. Maybe because it is so little or maybe because it is udp?

    Good Morning,

    I just installed omv yesterday and I am really happy with it so far but there is a minor problem:
    Is there any way to make autoshutdown stop while someone is connected to the teamspeak server? I added all the teamspeak ports (9987,30033,10011,2010,41144,2008) to the list but it seems if someone is just hanging arround without talking there is no activity on any of those. Other ports (ssh, ftp, PLEX, etc) are recognized and work well.