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    I' testing OMV6 and with a remote login (and a low speed connection) is almost imposible to insert login credentials....

    Once inserted operation is affordable

    Any improvement would be higly appreciated.

    Just two minor errors (From all versions). Hope can be easily corrected on OMV 5.x...

    -On Mail SMPTport you put as example .....25 o 578. Should be .... 25 o 587 ??

    .On every week day list (Crons and similars) 5th day says Miercoles and should be Viernes


    curl is installed on mi line #4
    The shared folder is created , from OMV, as any other shared folder of the system. In my case is a ZFS fileSystem (does not have a limit on its size). Actually, after one month, is using 490MB..

    The install script is downloaded and run from root account (step #7). it makes all the job. Docker UI is not used.

    Dockeu UI is only used to test tthat all containers are installed and running....

    This is a copy of my steps:
    The are executed in an OMV Shell .

    HI, I've just got it working on OMV 4.1, following the instructions on (last steps, general install on UBUNTU).

    Steps I've done are in the attached text file,

    Also attached a copy of the result working dockercontainers.
    Docker Images Created.jpgDocker runing containers.jpg
    Home assistant is accesed via: http://OMV_IP:8123

    Tested add-ons (MQTT, SSH, Config) are installed as usual and they work ...


    Finally I've got it to work using your suggestion.
    I tested this before, without success. It seems that mount point /srv/dev-disk-by.... should be empty for owncloud to use it.

    After starting a new installation, it worked as expected.

    Thanks again

    Thanks Mike.

    Not sure if I can understand what you say...

    From inside OMV shell, I can see docker(Owncloud) data nder /var/lib/docker/volumes.
    -that means that owncloud data is filling mi OMV main disk. :(

    I've shared (from OMV) another disk/filesystem and passed it to docker mount as /ownclouddata
    - from inside docker shell I can access this mountpoint and write to it.

    From inside docker shell on /var/www/html I only have index.html


    HI, I've installed owncloud under docker using the 'official source' :
    It works as expected, but I've not been able to use a OMV shared folder as a storage path for owncloud.

    All data seems to be in (omv path) /var/lib/docker/volumes

    I've passed a shared folder to the container and mount it as /ownclouddata and it is there, but I can not find the way to say owncloud to use that mountpoint for its data.

    Can anybody point me how to change it ??


    Do not know about services way. Have you tested it ?

    /etc/rc.local solution works. Mine:

    #!/bin/sh -e
    ##send an email when system starts
    # Change level
    #exit 0

    As it does not exist, remember to make it executable ( chmod +x /etc/rc.local )

    ........ each time i typed a letter it would output a line of code.

    I also have this behavior, and seems is related to debug level of keyboard. Yo can find more info here:

    As a resume, you must reduce keyboard log level from 7 to 4 by isuing :
    echo 4 > /proc/sys/kernel/printk

    This will make problem dissapear , until a new reboot.....

    You can add this command to /etc.rc.local to be executed on every reboot.

    I am not trying to use 0.6.57, but I am just worrying about the faulty hardware (various dots all over the screen may mean screen memory is overwritten by bug or may be a hardware failure) Is this normal output with 0.6.57 pre-release?

    I had similar 'screen symptoms' with 0.6.57 ...

    I have rock64 2GB board.
    I´m using stretch-openmediavault-rock64-0.6.44-239-armhf.img.xz image. It installed omv 4.xx
    It works, and I've succesfully updated via GUI to

    I've not tested any more....

    Sorry for the late reply....

    I also spent three days testing Beta versions (0.6.57) and omv image does not work.
    I tested stretch-minimal-rock64-0.6.57-270-arm64.img and it worked...
    Then I realized that I was using a Pre-release version, and I scroll down the page until found First STABLE Version 0.6.44 and it works.

    Now waiting to have spare time for real tests....

    The 4.1.7 version of omv-extras has buttons to hold/unhold the current kernel/headers (linux-image-$arch and linux-headers-$arch) and disable/enable the backports repo.

    How can I know if current kernel is in Hold status or not ?
    Ther is no visual indication on GUI.

    May be you can disable the button that is not applied. I.E:
    - If kernel is in hold status, only Unhold button is enabled, and opposite...

    Just to be sure, I've just performed following tests:

    I have a test OMV 4.1. running on a 8GB SATA SDD.
    I've 'clonezilled' it to a 16GB SSD conected with a USB to SATA adapter.
    I've connected this USB to SATA + SSD to a DL380-G7
    And it started/worked with no problem.

    Yes I installed to one of the 8 hard drives and that is fine. I event tried using clonezilla and cloning a working copy and then put it on a SSD connected via USB and that failed to boot as well.

    That probably shoul not work due to the overhead that Proliant Raid Cards introduces in partitioning schema.

    Iwould recommend install OMV to USB on a standard PC and then use this USB on Proliant (I´ve done that with a Debian netinstall distribution).