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    Usually the parity disk contains only parity data, no files, right? Data is usually stored on the data disks.

    That´s my confusion.

    In my old config all the data disks were filled, and not the parity disk.

    I explained, that my data (around 300 GiB of movies, music etc) is now only stored on the parity disk, the data disks are empty.

    Am I completely wrong? ;(?(:rolleyes:

    Hey guys,

    had a problem with my server. Yesterday I started a rebuild, changed the OS from SLC-USB-Stick (Mach Xtreme Technology MX-ES 8GB) to SSD (120 GB Samsung EVO 850). Repartioned the SSD after installation, OS is now 20 GB, remaining 80 GB shall be used later for Plex-DB. Before I have to copy my backup I made a small test, I think I made something wrong.

    Okay, next step was to recreate the pool. I disconnected the data disks and plugged two old 1 TB disks inside to make a test.

    I used follwing configuration:

    1 * parity disk 4 TiB
    2 * data disk 1 TiB

    Usually I expected a pool around 1,8 TiB, but the GUI showed me something around 5,38 TiB. It looks like a JBOD, doesn´t it?

    When I created the pool inside the OMV-GUI I marked the disks as followed:

    1 * 4 TiB content and parity
    2 * 2 TiB content and data

    Next step was to copy some files to the pool via network, successful. I expected the files on the data disks, but they are on the parity disk.

    Tried a sync, answer was "everything fine, nothing to do"

    I think, I should remark content on the parity disk. Will do that today evening. What do recommend for the pooling, aufs or mergerfs?

    Thanks for your help.

    Greetings from Bavaria