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    Good day all. I can't seem to access some of my folders from my Windows 10 laptop. I set the folders up so that only I can access them. I can do everything from my Linux computer. It seems like my laptop is access the server as a guest instead of using my login credentials. I'm not sure how to fix this, I imagine it's something simple. Thank you for any help.

    Thanks for the offer of help. Shortly after I posted this I found a command that seemed to work.

    mdadm --readwrite /dev/mdX
    (X is the number of your RAID drive, mine was md127)

    After I ran this from the terminal the WebUI showed progress. By the time I looked at it this morning my RAID was working.

    Once again, thank you for offering to help.

    Good day all. I am having a problem with my RAID 5. The WebUI says that my RAID 5 is pending clean/resyncing. I ran an fdisk from the terminal & it said that the only hard drive that had a valid partition table is the one my OS is on. It mentioned disk md127 as not having a valid partion table. According to the WebUI md127 is my RAID. I thought that I had a hardware problem so I updated my motherboard. I don't know how to fix the problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    I am getting a new motherboard with six SATA ports on it. My previous configuration was 6 hard drives in a RAID 5 format. Three of them connected to the motherboard & three connected to an expansion card. Will moving to this new motherboard & putting all six hard drive on the motherboard cause any problems with my RAID? Thanks for the help.

    Good day. I had to rebuild my server. Not sure what happened, just seemed to stop working. I installed 2.1 AMD64. I have been having problems mounting my RAID configuration. It is the same drives I had used in the past & the last time I did a re-install everything seemed to work (except the one thing I overlooked). I just looked at the monitor & noticed that the screen said "RAID status no OK. Exiting...failed!". When I look at the web GUI for RAID Management it says for the state of my RAID is Pending. Does anyone know what is going on? Thank you for the help.

    Thank you so much for the help. Funny enough, I use the same IP for my server. Once I was in the browser I was able to make the changes you recommended & add the media folders properly. I can now view my library through Plex. Thank you again for the help.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I don't have those options. The only things I can change are Enable, Database Volume, Database Folder (not sure I can change this, it's grayed out), Enable (it's for Web Client frame). When I go to the Web Client tab, nothing is displayed.

    Good day all. I was wondering where I am missing things with Plex. I have installed the Plex plug-in & pointed it to the main folder for my server. I've added the ports to my router for forwarding. When I try to access it using my Roku I can see the server, but none of the files. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.


    Thank you for your help. you where able to identify where I had messed up (forgotten about) at. I was able to mount the drive with no problems. Initially I could see all of the files from my Linux (Kubuntu) computer, but not any of the Windows ones. I had forgotten to add the shares to the SMB section (I also discovered that I created one of my shared folders incorrectly). Thank you again for your help with this. I knew that I didn't lose my info, I just couldn't find & you guys helped save the day.

    I updated my server to the latest version by rebuilding the server, I was on version .3. I didn't think to back up my config or use a different hard drive (what I usually do). I cant seem to get the files to share out on my raid config. The raid configuration is recognized. Thanks for any help that you can provide.