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    ran iperf both ways in & out of the OMV box, and showed full Gbit transfer rates.

    One thing that I found interesting is this:

    - If I transfer files from my Win7 desktop to OMV, they transfer in the 15-20mb/s range
    - If I transfer files from my WHS2011 machine to OMV, they transfer in the 10mb/s range
    - If I transfer files from my Win7 desktop to OMV WHILE I am transferring files from WHS2011 to OMV, my desktop transfer rate goes up to 40mb/s range....

    Any ideas on what is going on there? ?(

    Are there any log files or system setting which I should be looking to regarding this? I did iotop before, and was getting the Gbit connection speed, so I agree that it is all on the software side.

    It just seems that there could be so many places which are suspect.

    Also, I don't see a direct_io flag option in the union filesystems. Is this something I need to integrate into a different area, or CLI into a file & change there?

    There are more tuning posts on the forum with other things to try.

    I re-read your post and noticed you are using mhddfs (slow and unmaintained). I recommend switching to mergerfs and try it with and without the direct_io flag.

    Thanks for the info. Didn't even know about this new fs, let alone it's attributes.

    Will look into what is involved in changing over from mhddfs to mergerfs.

    Returning back to my experimental OMV box. Still have a persistent issue with file transfer speed.

    Doesn't matter if I use FTP or SMB: uploading a ~ 1gb file to OMV goes ~ 20mb/s. Move the same file from OMV, and it is 110mb/s

    What I have:
    - OMV 2.0
    - HP microserver N36, 4gb RAM
    - OS Drive SSD, 4 3.5tb HDD
    - GBit ethernet connection/router/switch
    - SNAPRAID with 3 data drives, 1 parity using mhddfs (until I work out the problem, then attaching my 32 SAS drive JBOD box)
    - Cat6 cables throughout

    Checked the tcp settings on my win7 machine, with several settings. No difference.
    monitored iotop, and when the file uploads to OMV, I get multiple mhddfs streams (5-6 I believe) doing 3-4mb/sec. On the download, I get one stream running 110ish mb/s out of OMV to client

    Am I missing something here? Any ideas? Moving around my 50tb video collection is going to take a HELLA long time at 20mb/s.

    Thanks in advance

    Second time playing around with OMV, and have a couple issues:

    1: In Windows, the OMV shared folder is not showing up on my Network list. However, if I put the IP into Explorer, it goes right to it. Am I missing turning something on? Have setup SnapRAID with mddfs to create a pooled directory FWIW.

    2: Transferred some files from Win 7 to OMV machine, and speed was sustained at ~ 10-12 MB/S. If I transfer the same files back, am getting ~ 100 MB/S. Any ideas on why that would be?

    Any thoughts on what to check would be appreciated.