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    To make shure I get you right:

    User: "admin" (Lower case only!)
    Password: "openmediavault" (If you haven't changed it!)

    What about your Bowser? Cookies? Javascript?


    Hey Puterfixer!

    Thank you for your reply. But I should more about my network.

    My OMV is a archive. So it needs no internet-contact. 99 % of the uptime my OMV will be "offline". It will only get online to get updates. In this special case, the only 1 %, my OMV should get an IP from the dsl-router.

    My main-client has got two NICs. One NIC is only used by virtual machines to get access to the web. So only the guest could reach the web, the host (of the virtual machines) hasn't got webaccess.
    My OMV will be connected to the second NIC. So it's a direct connection between the OMV and the client. But sometimes I need a 2nd or 3rd client with my OMV. They will be connected via a switch. In this cases a DHCP in my OMV will become handy.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance!


    Hey Guys!

    I would like to solve the following idea:

    - When the OMV connects to clients, the OMV should send DHCP to the clients. (No internet-connection! Only sharing!)
    - When my DSL-router connects to the OVM, the OVM should receive DHCP from the router, to connect to the internet - for updates etc.

    Is this possible? Can you give me a hand, please?

    Thank you!


    Hey Hapless!

    Maybe the same mistake I did! ;)

    First of all: When you use your 250GB-HDD, that came with your MicroServer, the whole HDD is reserved to OMV. That's a waste. ;) OMV is using around 1GB!
    (BTW: I installed OMV first on a USB-Key. Now I'm on a SSD to keep my HDD-Slots free from booting devices.)

    When you plug your DLink-HDD, can you see it at "Physical Drives"? Then check the "Filesystems"-Section. They should look like this: http://bugtracker.openmediavau….php?file_id=163&type=bug
    When you don't see the bar "Used", your filesystem is not mounted. Click on the filesystem and than on the button "Mount".

    Now you can share folders. Remember the requirements for each protocol. Example for SMB: Your local user needs a password. So add a new user to OMV and type in that password too!

    Good luck!


    Hey Guys!

    I've followed your recommondations and switched from USB-Key to a real DD. In my case it's not a HDD, it's a SSD. Reason: less space in my MicroServer, installed with Gaffa on top of the ODD. :roll:

    Complete reinstallation, several times faster booting and no more "Internal Server Errors". I'm nearly in the ball park. :)

    More to come!


    Hey ryecoaaron!

    Thank you for your answer. :)

    Okay, sounds good, if you call it stable. Are you using OMV within the VM? Or are you running VMs within OMV?

    Well, I bought an new USB-Key and a second one as a spare. I duplicated the key via "dd", so if one get's in trouble, I would be good. ;) I will never use RAID because I don't need high availability. I trust double backups (one inside the MicroServer via rsync, another one on a HDD ad my companys desk).

    About donations: Well, will donate OMV when I'm switching to "productive". "German Support" could be documentation for example. So Volker could spend more time on developing "my NAS"... :D

    Sometimes I got error-messages on the GUI. This is not effecting the function, but is annoying... :( So, I need later some advice.


    Hey Guys!

    I'm new to OMV, so a view words on myself: From Germany, "rusty" English-Knowledge, Ubuntu- & Windows-User. OMV is running on my HP N40L (incl. 8 GB RAM, RAC) and at this time one WD "Red". OMV is running via 16GB-USB-Key. At this time, it's not a productive-machine, because I'm checking the features of OMV. I'm planning to run OMV as an archive. This will be no 24/7-task. So I would power-on my MicroServer, save files to the archive (thousands of images, some personal videos, music) , and shut-down the system (including separating the system form the outlet-jack). So I would use Samba and rsync most of the time.

    So, when I get you right:

    - You would call 0.3.4 "stable Alpha" ;) which is, generally speaking, not a problem. Many Linux-Programs are labeled the same way. But - what are the risks to take. Normally programs like "samba", "lvm2" etc. should be stable so my data would be safe. Would you agree to this?

    - You would not recommend, to install OMV to an USB-Key. But that's the reason, I've chosen OVM. I don't like to share the HDDs with the installed OS (that's what M$-WHS would do). What is the reason for your advice?

    - I don't understand the version-numbers of OMV. Who could explain them to me? :)

    - When OVM will become my productive system, I would like to support you guys. Of cause an adequate donation would be done. But I would like to do more. Are there support-needs in German language? ;)

    More to come! :twisted: THX in advance! :roll: