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    Evening all,

    logged in for the first time in months to my omv install last night as not many download notifications.
    Looked at sickbeard, and twas empty!
    Nowt, nada, nil??!!
    2 seconds of panic, then checked and the drive is all good with all my tv ok.

    But where has the config gone?

    Any suggestions/help appreciated.

    Off to bed in a few as knackered and working at stupid oclock tomorrow, so may not reply until same time tomorrow.

    Ta in advance,

    Thanks guys, all seems to be well!

    In my defence though, the initial post in the thread from Dec 2012 was for 0.4 and has been amended to say that there is a plugin for Plex? It doesn't specifically say it's an 0.5 exclusive?
    Yes, before you say it, the plugin is labelled as 0.5.4, but hey, there are now 3 active versions floating around (with 0.6 being actively developed), and no clear separation of the different systems!!

    That's my excuse anyways!!!

    Yes I know, but I thought, you know, you guys do all sorts of funky stuff, it might work.... :oops:

    Sorted anyway!!
    Uninstalled using

    dpkg -r openmediavault-plexmediaserver

    I'll stop fiddling about, just update Plex and go to bed!

    Cheers all!!

    Evening all,

    me again!

    Thought I'd try the plex plugin, OMV 4.38 I think is the latest?, PLexPass user, running
    Followed instructions, put it in my home folder, cd to folder, ran

    dpkg -i openmediavault-plexmediaserver_0.5.4_amd64.deb

    Logged out of OMV, logged in and get the following...

    Thoughts or suggestions please?!

    Well roger me sideways!!!
    As simple as that :)

    All done and dusted, just being patient and checking what I was doing appeared to be right!!

    Nicely done David, thanks for the help again.

    Wouldn't it be simpler though to fix the site search? Or at least put that simple search tip somewhere prominently?

    I think the search is broken on the site?!
    Been looking for the past 2 evenings to remove the drive from the filesystems and one folder in the shared folders section, and it tells me that "remove drive" is too common?!

    I have a missing filesystem in filesystems, and one of the folders that was in smb/cifs but I deleted after removing the drive, and now I can't get rid of it the shared folders section?
    Just want to keep it neat and tidy! Touch of ocd methinks?!

    Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


    Hi David,

    Temps fine, nice and stable at 30 C
    that's what I'm thinking?

    The first drive was the drive that came with the n40l (250GB).
    This second one is from a pair of Samsung 1TB drives, bought April 2009.
    Used to be in my main pc, moved them over to a dlink nas, then from there to the omv nas.

    Started copying off the data....

    Only me!

    Got in from work and my eldest said the box wasn't working again?
    Hooked the screen/keyboard up and now another drive is throwing up errors - this one has my TV shows and Music on.
    Promise I've not fiddled with anything!!

    What's the procedure going forward please?

    Quote from "hapless"

    Evening all,

    been running my NAS with OMV for a few months now and very happy with it.

    OMV 4.35/6/7? I last updated last weekend I think?
    Box is an N40L with 250GB 2.5" laptop hdd for omv, then 4 drives all running just as standalone drives, no raid, greyhole (although I would like that but it's not essential)

    Nope, see above - from my OP.
    I've now unmounted the file system and everything boots normally, so drama over.

    Thanks to you both for the replies, especially ryecoaaron as he initially set me on the right path.

    Thanks all,

    Hi David,

    yes, that was the message.
    As ryecoaaron correctly guessed, the system was waiting for me to tell it what to do.
    I opted for the maintenance shell and it found a number of errors, which I said to fix.
    I then booted and once into the web gui, I looked into the smart panel and could see the drive that had a lot of errors on was the 250gb seagate drive that shipped with the n40l.
    I then powered down the n40l, removed the dodgy drive (I don't think I was using it for anything anyway?) and on boot it paused again, this time with a failure code 8.

    I'm guessing that it is still being looked for?
    So how do I remove the uuid from the system? Is it just a case of unmounting it?


    So screen/keyboard in and yes it's waiting for me.
    I've opened the repair shell and said yes to everything?
    It's booted ok and all seems to be running normally.
    Looked in the SMART subsection and the 250GB drive that came with the n40l appears to be the one that's playing up?!
    Powering down now to remove the drive, we'll see what happens then...

    On boot the Box halted, waiting for me.
    I hit ctrl-D and off it went.
    I'm assuming the pause was because it was looking to mount the disk?
    Do I just unmount that disk from the storage/filesystems section?

    Cheers :)

    Evening all,

    been running my NAS with OMV for a few months now and very happy with it.

    OMV 4.35/6/7? I last updated last weekend I think?
    Box is an N40L with 250GB 2.5" laptop hdd for omv, then 4 drives all running just as standalone drives, no raid, greyhole (although I would like that but it's not essential)
    On the drives is movies, music, TV shows, and some personal stuff, nothing vital
    The box is configured to receive IP from DHCP server (Asus router, running Asus firmware), and the router always allocates a fixed ip for the box (

    I've tried to log in this afternoon and not found was all any browser could say!
    Tried various apps, cp, sb, sab, plex and all reporting not found as well?
    Rebooted router, no change.
    Can't ssh into box, no other ip's showing?

    What to do?

    Thanks in advance

    Afternoon all,

    have my N40L with OMV 0.4 running very nicely, thanks to all for all the help and support!

    I had filled a 1TB disk with movies, so I've stuck a 2TB in and did an rsync copy last night of the movies folder to the new drive, copying over acl and permissions.
    What's the score now in redirecting CP & Plex to the new drive? Will it have to rebuild the library again?

    I had a bunch of other questions rattling around in my head but sat here now I can't think of any of them!!!!

    Thanks again,

    Quote from "tekkbebe"

    The switch will not run at Gigabit speeds until the router is Gigabit.

    Er, it will!?

    I have w/l router with 4 10/100 mb ports.
    Port one connects to a 5 port gb switch - everything wired in the house connects to that.
    Traffic is only going through the router when it's going off the private network, the switch is intelligent enough to route traffic directly without recourse to the router. My network flies :)

    Quote from "jhmiller"

    And Deluge is in the "shortcutlist" but also unreachable via port 8112.

    Is this normal and should it be manualy started or something?

    Deluge is known for having problems when starting up, some users say to change the user to root and that starts it running. When I get some time I will look into this to find out whats going wrong.
    To change user,

    nano /etc/init.d/deluge-daemon

    and change




    then do

    /etc/init.d/deluge-daemon start

    Could you check if the deluge user was created on your system (OMV side menu, users)

    No deluge user created for me and the same not reachable at :8112?

    Thanks for the script, I've now got CP, SB and Sab working as they are supposed to now, been running ok for the past 2 weeks. It was a comment of yours earlier to another user - uninstall CP, restart system then install CP again.

    But I did give it all a helping hand - I scanned all my media with MediaCompanion and let it fix all the nfo/filenames/folders etc. before installing CP.


    Thanks a mil for responding!

    OK, so is the issue with your script or with couchpotato (I'm not complaining, just trying to get an idea of where it's going wrong!) in the scanning?
    I've stopped and restarted it numerous times and still just sits now at 100% and won't go further.
    Would deleting the db help it's case? Would uninstalling CP completely and then reinstalling help?

    Found the db files, thank you!!


    You must have some thing in the wanted list for CP do search for, if nothing is there then CP will have nothing to do unless you enable 1 of the auto grabbing services (trakt, imbd, ect.)

    So the quality profile is inactive until I add stuff to wanted/auto grab - ok, that sort of makes sense!

    Thanks again,

    Evening all.

    Something or nothing really, but I feel I'm missing something?!

    Running 0.4.18, JHMIller's nice script with Sab, CP, HP, subsonic and SB selected. Not asking anything else of it at the moment, want to get the basics right first :)
    I have turned on debug logging, but apart from what appears to be common errors (looking across the net), nothing seems to stand out. The box does not currently run 24/7, but once everything is set up then it probably will.

    I've been scanning my library with couchpotatoserver (under the Manage, Seems like you don't have anything in your library yet. bit) so I point it to my movies folder and it starts scanning.
    From first install in November to last Friday it only scanned to 95%, never went further?
    I deleted a couple of crappy films that were never going to be seen again, and scanned on Saturday and we get to 99%!
    So I got Media Companion on Sunday, that scanned everything and then cleaned up all the original nfo and other bits, thus leaving the freshly minted media companion stuff.

    So I set iut scanning tonight and get to 100%, yay!!!

    But it does nothing else?! I can't see library shots as in this link so not sure what else I should be doing?
    Also, can't find the couchpotato database, as I was going to delete that and start again, but I cannae find it cap'n!!

    Late addition - quality profiles, I cannot get these to do anything? Do I need to have things in the wanted/manage bits before this becomes active?

    Any and all help appreciated!!!