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    I have the CUPS pluigin installed, but Is there a way the CUPS drivers can be upgraded?

    My system (OMV 2.2.5 Stoneburner) includes the latest updates (incl dist-upgrade), but the CUPS drivers are at version 3.12.6, and so are the hplip drivers.
    My printer, a HP Deskjet 2543, is supported from version 3.14.6 (

    Is there a way to make OMV to install a more recent version of CUPS/hplip?

    Thank you guys

    Though the plugin system is one of the strong points of OMV compared to other NASes, I appreciate you don't want to waste time that could have been spent better.
    I guess installing Nextcloud on the new base with a newer PHP version should be straightforward.

    Thanks for your hard work on "Erasmus", Volker & team. Really looking forward to this release.

    The plugins that I mainly use are

    - OMV extras
    - Rsync
    - Emby (although that's not playing anything. Everything loads fine but there's no sound or video!!!!)
    - OpenVPN
    - MiniDLNA
    - eXtplorer
    - CUPS (with added Google Cloud Print support)
    - Owncloud

    My special upgrade request is for the Owncloud plugin. It's very old (OC 6), and it's a real pain to update it to a more recent version (e.g. OC 9) due to PHP.

    As most developers have gone with Nextcloud, it may be better to create a Nextcloud plugin instead?

    Hi Aaron,
    Synching didn't show up in the available plugins list, hence I installed it manually.
    I think OMV must have gotten confused somewhere.
    I wiped everything, did a clean install and I've now installed the synching plugin successfully.
    Cheers for this great plugin.

    Has anybody installed the syncthing plugin in the last couple of days?

    I have OMV installed on a Banana Pro. Everything (SMB, MiniDLNA, SSH) is working, but I can't get the syncthing plugin installed. I've followed the above suggestions, but it's not showing up.

    I installed sncthing via apt-get install and when I try to install the plugin (openmedia-syncthing) the plugin is not found ("Unable to locate package openmediavault-syncthing")

    Any suggestions? or shall I install the deb package from…openmediavault-syncthing/ ?

    Many thanks for any help.