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    I had setup OMV on SuperMicro X11SSL-F with LSI 9260-8i on RAID5 which suddenly stopped getting detected after a reboot. It was working perfectly fine for over 6 months.

    Tried updating the BIOS as well as it is not getting detected on BIOS boot (IT mode), but the card is working fine as I haved tested the card on other system as well.


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    I faced a similar issue few days ago.

    Start from single - eth0, give it a ipv4 static ip (use "omv-firstaid" command).

    Once it's successful created, reboot the system.

    Now that you have only one NIC active with static ip use that to access your webUI and follow the below instruction.

    1. Go to Network
    2. Delete all the Ethernet i.e. eth0 if you're planning use it in your bonding.
    3. Click on Create - Bond make sure all the adapter settings are deleted which you're planning to use.
    4. Fill in the details as per your convince and tick the Nik's which you want to bond.
    5. Give your bond a ipv4 static ip
    6. Hit apply & wait foe couple of seconds.

    Your bond is ready to be used

    Are you using a Soft RAID or Hard RAID?

    Assuming you on Soft RAID : -

    If you unmount your RAID from OMV2 and fresh install OMV4 without changing anything (I mean no change in SATA ports). It should get your job done.

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    Are you trying OMV2-->OMV3-->OMV4?

    You are better off to do a fresh install. OMV3 to OMV4 is quite smooth, but OMV2 to OMV3 has caused a lot of problems.

    I do agree with you macom on this.

    Please do a fresh install for OMV4.

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    Are you using your USB stick to install it on some SSD? Or trying to using USB stick itself as a primary drive to boot your OS?

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm planning to install OpenProject on OMV 4 for my team to manage project milestones and other PM tools.
    OpenProject does support Debian 8/9 as per their installation guide.

    Can anyone please tell me how can I install it on port [XXXX] & also be able to manage it?

    Thank you for your support.

    Hi guys,

    I'm using SuperMicro Server with OMV4 along with LSI 9860-8i and Dual 10G SFP+.

    When I was trying to bond my dual 10G SFP on balance-rr, its throwing me an error as shown below.

    Can anyone tell me where am I going wrong??

    Thank you for your helps.


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    Thank You for your support. I will definitely look into the point that you highlighted and work on it.

    Will get back with new changes to the setup.

    I am very excited & nervous as it's my first Big Setup.

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    Hi Guys!

    i have been using OMV 2.2 for many of builds (over 10), but you can still call me a beginner.
    Now i got a new project for a media house, they require

    1. 100TB and grow upto 250TB as required.
    2. 60-100 users simultaneously moving video files (VFX) to work on Nuke Studio
    3. Require minimum transfer speed of 200 MB/s -- No bottlenecks (MAIN CONFUSION)

    I thought of using the below specification:

    Xeon E3 v1220 V3 Quad Core - 3.1GHz
    LSI MegaRAID 9240-8i -- ( For RAID 5)
    Norco 3U 16 Bays
    12 x 8TB Segate Enterpise HDD or WD SE -- Not sure yet, have to check with the vendor.
    10Gtek Intel 82599ES NIC X520-DA2 -- Please suggest other options for best in performance.

    Any suggestion? where do I need to make any changes?