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    Thanks a lot. I will try and check, but i also have a backup made with dd, that i could use to wipe the drive and restore a working config.

    Thanks. I think it was the rsync push that somebody mentioned. By accident i had the backup rsync set on "on reboot". That would explain it, but how can i get rid of that useless data that occupies the space? Another restart didnt help...

    If you can get it to boot with an older kernel, I would use omv-extras to install the proxmox kernel. If you want to test ahead of time, just boot an Ubuntu 18.04 iso. This is the same kernel for the most part.

    The NAS was not crashing the last 3 days, but I noticed some error messages in the syslog this morning. Any idea what exactly they could mean?
    Also the rrdcached process has/had a problem starting up, when I restarted the NAS today. I can also provide the syslog if that helps.

    What motherboard? Have you updated the bios?

    AsRock H370M-ITX/ac

    I had the problem before and exchanged the motherboard, because I thought it was the reason. The new one would offer me a BIOS update, but the old one was running on the new BIOS and had the same issue. I just exchanged the RAM module, because I had another one lying around... Maybe that helps.

    Any other ideas?

    no feedback or ideas?

    i realized that I'm actually missing the "save to server blackhole" button. It is an upwards arrow and it only shows, when i go to jackett web UI, scroll down to "manual download to blackhole directory" and input something there. Not it's just a "/", but i don't know where that would put the file and I also get a permission denied error.

    What do you have configured in there?

    Thanks a lot!


    I installed Jackett and configured the config and downloads folder like this

    config = /appdata/jackett/
    downloads = /appdata/jackett/watch

    config is fine, but when I do a manual search and click on the "download locally" button on a result, nothing happens. I assume Jackett should actually download the torrent file into the "watch" folder, right?

    do I need to configure anything expect that within Jackett in the Web GUI?


    my NAS build runs pretty cool (CPU ~ 40°), but my chipset always has around 75-78°...

    Mobo: Asrock h370m-itx...

    Any chance i can cool it better with some cooling block or something similar?