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    yes i did some research and everyone is saying that it's not a good option... maybe I should give you my scenario and you guys have some suggestions on how to implement it.

    My apartment: Synology NAS with tv shows and movies

    Friends apartment: Unused Zotac ZBox

    Right now she connects with her laptop to my FTP on my NAS and gets the latest episodes of some shows and even watches it on the laptop. Horrible :D

    I want to sync my NAS and the ZBox automatically, hook it up to the TV, so she can just startup some media player and the new episodes just pop up.

    Basically I don't really need a NAS, I kinda just need a light GUI based (sorry, i'm no CLI fan) OS and something like RSYNC, that checks every few hours, if there are new files in some of my folders. On the OS i install Kodi as well and that's it.

    What is the easiest way to do that?

    UPDATE: Here TV seems to have a DLNA client installed. It's a Samsung UE55F6340. So, a regular OMV + DLNA plugin should be enough, right?

    Thanks for the quick reply. I know that the firet stick would be an option as well. If I cannot install Kodi IN OMV, can I install both programs next to each other?

    I mean using some light GUI based OS, then install OMV in it and then install Kodi in the OS as well? Could that be an option?

    Hi guys,

    I'm planning to install OMV on a Zotac ZBox MAG HD-ND01. This should be fairly simple, I assume. I was wondering if I could also do video playback directly from the ZBox as well? Does OMV have a built in video playback app or can I install something that would (if possible), give me a nice GUI like Kodi?

    I'm open for any idea and feedback. Thanks a lot!

    Hi guys,

    I'm building a 2-3 simple NAS with one HDD based on a Banana Pi and I would like to sync specific folders between these boxes.

    For example: I create a Word file on my main NAS and then this file should sync to the other devices. It would be perfect if this can be done within my local network and over the internet.

    Can this be done by any plugin?

    Thx a lot in advance!

    my problem is, that i do not see the home folder when connecting to the FTP server. Through windows explorer and Samba i see that the folder exists and i can put some files there, but when i access through filezilla this folder is not there and neither are the files.

    How can I mount the users specific home folder? I did not find any setting in the FTP interface. Only in "users" i can activate to automatically create home folders.

    thanks. it is convenient to use the system home folders because they are automatically created but maybe i will use the second solution because i do not need to edit something in the code. if i create a folder "share" and in this folder all the other folders based on the username (share/user1, share/user2 etc)... will the users see all folders (user1, user2) or only the one they have access to?


    I am very new to OMV but I really like it so far! I'm trying to setup my FTP Server in a way that the different users can only see their own "home" folder and also have no writing permission. They should be able only to download the files inside. As admin I will provide them files to download.

    I have the FTP service up and running, but can only see the general shares I set up for testing. The home folder of the user is not visible at all. I can see the home folder through Samba and the option to "create a home folder for each user" is also active.

    I hope someone can help me to figure this out. I would prefer to do it only in the GUI, but if I need to edit some files then please also tell me which tools I need for that and how to edit the files.

    Thanks a lot!