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    Ok, probably my mistake is related to knowledge of a previous omv instance.
    Before I had some space left and I created a new partition. Now I expanded the root partition to fill the whole amount of free space.

    Now it's a bit hard do make it smaller (29GB are quite a lot of space) to have a new partition used by something else.

    Hi all, I'm running OMV 4 on a raspberry pi2B.
    I don't have any critical service because I know that rpi isn't the right hardware for rock solid stuff.
    But I'm still interested on system health and statistics.
    Monitoring is disable for omv running on raspberry to avoid sd wear.
    Can I configure this monitoring stuff to write somewhere else to have this data without wearing sd?

    Any suggestion for others way to have statistics and health information?

    Hi all,
    I'm running omv 4 on a raspberry pi2B.
    I mounted as remote mount a samba share from my router (vodafone revolution with usb hdd plugged).
    I configured the mount without credentials and with these params




    as default proposed I'm not able to make it works.

    I can see and write in the shared folder but I see

    CIFS VFS: SMB signature verification returned error = -13

    in /var/log/kern.log while I'm moving files on the share.

    Hi, I'm interested in the topic.
    What about no mPCIe use?
    I mean I'm using an old rpi2 with usb drive attached and other volume from smb share.
    I'm interested into move to OPi 3 to have more power for nas stuff and also Plex and docker.
    Also wifi is not relevant for me, I use eth to connect raspberry to the router

    Hi, I'm running omv 4 on a raspberry pi2.
    I have an usb drive attached (NTFS) an I mounted it.
    After some days I saw that the label for the disk partition is "TOSHIBA 1TB", with the space char.
    In the log I see some lines like:

    Dec 8 15:43:29 raspberrypi systemd[1]: [/etc/systemd/system/sharedfolders-Docker_base.mount:7] Failed to add required mount "1TB", ignoring: Invalid argument

    The space is causing issue somewhere.
    How can I rename it?
    Can I mount the filesystem using UUID instead of label?

    I have the same issue than @AHTOH

    Hi, I moved to a fresh omv 4 sd running in a raspberry pi 2 B.
    I installed Docker plugin, created a dedicated share folder for "docker_base_path" but when I save I have this error:

    I removed the "man" help section.
    The full log is there: link

    I want to move the folder where docker stores images to a usb attached device. Is the docker_base_path folder the right setting?

    Ok, I mixed raid, mirroring and scheduled backup topic together.
    I have a rpi2 with omv mainly as Media platoform (plex and dlna).
    I'm using also proftp to backup stuff (not business stuff but something that I take care of) from others devices to a shared folder placed on an external usb hdd attached to rpi.

    So I have data on each device, a backup on this hdd as recovery.
    I started receiving smart alerts (not anymore, strange) from this hdd so I want to have a secondo backup also on a new hdd, so if one fails I still have a backup for something that is "live" also on others devices.
    So what I want to achieve is: original files on devices, backup1 on old hdd, backup2 new hdd.
    If old hdd fails I still have original and backup2, if device fails I have backup1 and backup2.

    Now probably the easy thing could be to configure each automatic backup on each device to execute a twin backup: on old hdd and on new hdd.
    Cons: data transferred twice;
    Pro: nothing to do on omv platform;

    Another solution: configure a single backup task for each device and configure OMV platform to execute a "twin copy" when the device backup happens (data transferred via ftp).

    As @macom said: I miss that 30sec crontab avoid hdd spindown