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    When i type omv-firstaid and select nr2 (Configure web control panel) - it says "Please enter the port to access the control panel via HTTP"

    So i guess im looking for the port my server is current useing?

    I cant even find the right port when i type in "netstat -a" :(
    root@openmediavault:~# ERROR: [Errno 111] Connection refused

    So i cant use the "configure web control panel"..

    I have tryed to clear all in omv-firstaid with no luck.

    Anything else i can try or is my server just Rip? :(

    Hi i just upgraded from omv 3 to 4, when i try to connect to the web gui i get 502 bad gateway :( ?
    I can go on putty and connect to my server and my shared folders with LAN works too.
    Please help. ?(

    Hi i just made a new pc, and want to access my folders over the network to my openmediavault server.

    When i try to share the network folder, it asks for username and password, problem is i have tryed everything i can think off and it says its all wrong. :SX/

    I can access web-gui and my server with putty.

    Is it possible to see/reset my user/password?

    Hope someone can help thanks ^^ .

    I have the same problem, my plex server stay online 24/7 and used it last night, but when i take a look at it today it says offline, on

    The server says it is running on the openmedievault web gui.

    Try this: sudo /etc/init.d/plexmediaserver stop

    sudo /etc/init.d/plexmediaserver start

    This did not work.

    I have used openmediavault (version 2.2.10) on my server for a year or so, it only runs: omw extras and plex media server.

    It have allways worked with no problems, but the last 14 days, i have got transcode errors (code -9?) when i watch movies, and series on a chromecast.
    And today new movies (mkv files) wont work when i transfer them to my server, it just keeps loading.

    I have tryed to; update kernel for omw exstras and i have updated everything in the update manager.
    Disable plexmediaserver - save, and then enable again and save. Reboot, turn off and on again.

    But nothing works. Im a scrub at linux so i have no more ideas how to fix this.

    Please help ;( .

    Hey i just got the OMV up and running on my server.
    I just set up Plex and share folders and so on.

    I got a few questions:
    1: I got plex working, but when i launch it in OMV i cant log in to my account, it just gives me a error that says it cant log me in?
    Error message (Server settings are unavailable because the server could not be reached.)

    2 : Is it possible to share a full Harddisk and not just a folder in OMV, so i can move my old files from 1 HDD to another and how ?

    3: Is it possible to install drivers for a wireless ac card?…11ac-pci-e-adapter-review

    Hope someone can help me thanks :)

    Quote: “CPU : 6600T.”

    I wouldn't buy with the T model, except you have a good reason to buy it. You have more cons than pros on this model. If you speak german, you can have a look here:
    <a href="" class="externalURL" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">…under_oder_ueberschaetzt_</a>

    It's less than 500 pass marks in difference compared to 6600, and its only for plex and transcoding.
    I dont speak German.

    Hello everyone, this is my first OMV Server and first time i use OMV.
    I would much appreciate you guys honest opinions on this build.

    Case : Coolermaster 342.
    ATX : Asus H110-k.
    CPU : 6600T.
    RAM : 8GB (2x4GB)
    OS drive : 32gb SSD.
    HDD : 1Tb / 2TB / <-- (What i had on the shelf) and a 6TB WD RED.
    PSU : 550w FSP.

    I see alot that use Ecc Ram and i see alot that dont, is it a "mistake" if i dont plan to use ZFS? ( I know my cpu dont support Ecc ).
    I need the Cpu horsepower, cus there is alot that uses my plex.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english. :P