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    Sub - thanks . I know you were just recommending but it is frustrating because until i know what I am doing wrong, I will keep reinstalling. This will make the 10th time and I am still no nearer a solution.
    All the hard disks are connected to the server using JBOD. I then created three pools - genpool, pool and Movies_pool but i started running out of room in the movies pool and then a hard disk went and died on me so i had to replace it as it was part of a snapraid array. After buying the disk, I decided to migrate all the NTFS disks to ext4 so bought two more hard disks so I now have three new disks to format and include in the snapraid array and pool formation but I can't reach them to format.
    I wish omv can be reinstalled using the XML configuration file. It will make life so much easier.

    I am always having to reinstall OMV whenever problems develop.
    I noticed that some of the plugins have duplicate functions as a result I sometimes overload my system.
    I am starting this thread to really understand the plugins, their functions and dependencies.
    The ones I am really concerned with are the multimedia plugins for instance I really prefer>:
    emby over plex
    sonarr over sickbeard

    Then do you need nginx and websites or is one enough? wordpress or website?
    What about subsonic and mpd? Do you need both or one?
    If I install emby, do I still need minidlna or is emby adequate. same issue with plex and minidlna and emby.
    Couchpotato and/or transmission?
    So can anyone enlighten me?

    When mine started doing this, I added this line to my cron and it worked.
    Then after a couple of reboots, it showed up again. I never figured out what caused it so I can't give you a solution.

    ifconfig eth0 192.168.X.X netmask up

    but you have already tried the ifup so perhaps ifconfig won't help.
    can you ping the eth0 address from another computer?
    I ran into an excellent guide I followed when mine started doing this: Hope I can find it...…network-problems-yourself
    Hope the moderators can help.

    I had exactly these same problem which made me give up trying to install omv on debian.
    i would like to install omv on either ubuntu or debian. ubuntu was way too complicated. Debian was a cropper because the guide and steps were not for the same version of omv i.e. 2.x
    Problem is most of the guides are for old versions of omv and the changes between the versions are significant and the one you linked to jsut does not work for me. I don't know how it worked for the poster.
    I wish I can help update these guides but I am not competent technically and others who are, are just leaving the workload to the moderators. Its so frustrating - at least for me.
    Perhaps we all need an attitude change?

    I have replaced the cpu of my HP Gen 8 G1610T server with a Xeon E31220 and increased the memory to 16GB. Then i purchased 4 x 4TB hard disks as I was beginning to run out of space on my Movies pool.
    I have successfully sorted out all the errors I was having before using this board and other linux help from the net. Now that I am ready to address my pool issue I can't get omv to list the hard disks so i can format them and include them in the pool.
    I am always getting a communication failure message which then results in a gateway timeout error message.
    i have read these boards and tried all the fixes I found such as : increasing timeout values to 180K, removing omv-emby (it was the precursor of the issues as all the apt-get update resulted in them re-installing emby).
    I have cleaned the cache using apt-clean, set iptables because I initially thought it was a network issue.
    The problem has escalated so such an extent that I can't access the hard disks section of omv which makes all the expenditure recently made a big whoop.
    Can anyone help analyse what I should do to resolve the situation?
    I have installed and got omv to the state I want it so I don't want to reinstall.
    There is just two things I noticed that I felt i should mention:
    1) Inspite of replacing the celeron with an Xeon, cpu still registers 100%
    2) There are 8 separate hard disks in 4 JBOD connected by 2 x SATA and 2 x USB3 and then 5 external NTFS hdd connected via USB2 through a powered hub
    Plan is to migrate all the ntfs hdd to the ext4 hdd but to do that I need access.
    So please can anyone assist?

    Can anyone help with this issue as it is beginning to create problems for my omv installation.
    I have reserved static ip addresses for the interfaces I use as follows:

    OMV - Wireless 00:87:40:7f:00:85 Reserved
    OMV-Eth0 b0:5a:da:87:d5:84 Reserved

    But for the past weeks the interfaces have been like this:

    I cannot understand how wlan0 and eth0 can have the same ip address when I have reserved a different address for each.
    As a result, accessing the omv-plugins are hit and miss at the moment.
    I thought of following the sticky and adding the code:

    But I thought I need to confirm here as messing with these files in ignorance can make things worse.
    Can anyone help?
    The router is a Virgin broadband router and it is supposed to be a netgear one.My Pc is a HP Proliant Gen 8 G1610T server.
    Can anyone help please? Thanks

    I will mark this thread as solved because I have managed to install Sonarr and it is a better package than Sickbeard.
    Immediately I installed it, it started downloading stuff whilst Sickbeard just sat there for weeks looking pretty but doing nothing.
    I will start another thread with the problem of having the same ip address for wlan0 and eth0

    Of course it does not help that the original issue I was contemplating posting was the automatic bridge my system was forming unasked:

    How can wlan0 and eth0 have the ip address?
    My router was told to do this:


    OMV - Wireless 00:87:40:7f:00:85 Reserved
    OMV-Eth0 b0:5a:da:87:d5:84 Reserved
    OMV-eth1 b0:5a:da:87:d5:85 Reserved

    So how it is managing to give two interfaces the same ip address I have no idea.
    The router is a Netgear Virgin Broadband router.

    Thanks Guys.
    The reason I needed the script was because CP and Sabnzbd were not moving the files as they should. As I have got OMV in a state where it actually works without something breaking, I was reluctant to do anything that might injure that state of affairs. From various write ups, CP should move the folders - it does not.
    I am trying to install the Sonarr plugin and after updating Mono Testing repo and successfully saving it, I try to update the plugins and I get this error message:


    Failed to execute command 'export LANG=C; apt-get update 2>&1': Ign file: Release.gpg Ign file: Release Ign file: Translation-en Hit stoneburner Release.gpg Hit stoneburner-backports Release.gpg Hit virtualbox-wheezy-mirror Release.gpg Hit precise Release.gpg Ign squeeze Release.gpg Hit wheezy Release.gpg Hit wheezy/updates Release.gpg Hit wheezy Release.gpg Hit plex-wheezy-mirror Release.gpg Hit stoneburner Release.gpg Hit wheezy-backports Release.gpg Hit precise Release Ign squeeze Release Hit stoneburner Release Hit wheezy Release Hit wheezy-updates Release.gpg Ign stoneburner-miller Release.gpg Hit wheezy/updates Release Hit stoneburner-vb Release.gpg Hit wheezy-backports Release Hit precise/main amd64 Packages Hit wheezy/main amd64 Packages Hit wheezy Release Ign stoneburner-vpn Release.gpg Hit wheezy/updates/main Sources Hit stoneburner/main amd64 Packages Hit stoneburner-plex Release.gpg Hit wheezy-backports/main amd64 Packages/DiffIndex Hit wheezy-updates Release Hit wheezy/updates/contrib Sources Hit stoneburner-mono Release.gpg Hit virtualbox-wheezy-mirror Release Hit precise/main Translation-en Hit stoneburner/partner amd64 Packages Hit wheezy/main Sources Hit wheezy/updates/non-free Sources Hit plex-wheezy-mirror Release Hit stoneburner-mono-testing Release.gpg Hit wheezy-backports/contrib amd64 Packages/DiffIndex Hit wheezy/main amd64 Packages Hit wheezy/updates/main amd64 Packages Hit stoneburner-miller Release Hit stoneburner-backports Release Hit wheezy-backports/non-free amd64 Packages/DiffIndex Ign wheezy/main Translation-en Hit wheezy/main Translation-en Hit wheezy/updates/contrib amd64 Packages Hit stoneburner-vpn

    Even if I run apt-get update in CLI, I still don't get Sonarr. What am I doing wrong now?

    I have had the same problem for ages.
    I was hoping the original poster or the moderators will update this guide for OMV 2.X because there a few dependencies that OMV says will not be installed and having got my omv to a state I am happy with, I am loath to break anything that will force me to reinstall.
    So over to anybody who is on OMV 2.X and wants to install kodi and is comfortable with CLI and Linux. I am not with either but I really prefer Kodi to Plex.

    Currently I have couchpotato and sabnzbd working well on my system. Headphones and sickbeard don't work but I want to sort out the two working first.
    The only thing remaining is a script that will move the completed files fro the download folder to the drive I have set aside specifically for media.
    This was just beyond my understanding: Transmission - Script to move completed downloads to directories, or how to create script? and what confused me was do I have to find the id all the time - one by one? Thing is I want to move them after they have finished so I want to write the script and run it as a scheduled job which I kind of assumed is a cron job in the backend.
    I saw this script on the internet but the developer did not put a description or guide. Just dropped it for the guy and I suppose both understood what they were doing but it is way too complicated for my level.

    If someone can help me customise it, I will be grateful.
    My sabnzbd folders are as follows:
    Temporary Download Folder:


    Completed Download Folder:


    Watched Folder:


    My permissions is 777 so pretty much anybody can write into it so there shouldn't be any permissions issues.
    Please can anybody help with using above script or sharing their script with instructions.
    The TV processing part was ok for me to customise but the movie section just threw me.
    Coding just floors me if it is too complex.
    Can anyone assist?

    Can anyone help? I have installed Sickbeard from the plugins and identified the TV shows I want to download.
    Whilst it lists the shows, it has not downloaded one not even the old tv shows.
    I can see these shows on the providers sites but for some reason, sickbeard will not download.
    What is wrong? How can I resolve it?

    solved by reinstalling the plugin

    After following:Everything down. Can't Login.
    I ran

    omv-mkconf omvextrasorg aptclean

    and got this result which seemed to have made the error message smaller:

    root@omv:~# omv-mkconf nginx
    root@omv:~# service nginx restart
    Restarting nginx: nginx: [emerg] invalid number of arguments in "proxy_set_header" directive in /etc/nginx/openmediavault-webgui.d/sub.conf:5
    nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed

    Can I delete the configuration file and will nginX rebuild automatically?


    I am not sure it was sabnzbd alone but I will run the following:
    apt-get remove --purge sabnzbdplus
    apt-get clean
    omv-mkconf nginx
    service nginx restart

    I got the following response to sabnzbd:
    E: Unable to locate package sabnzbd
    and to sabnzbdplus:
    Package 'sabnzbdplus' is not installed, so not removed

    Reason I say its not sabnzbd alone is that plex gives this:

    Also although I see the shares in my Windows explorer, the moment I click on them, they disappear, both plex and minidlna.

    I have the same problem as SSH ok, shares ok, but no access to web GUI ?.
    I tried to access the webgui and got a connection refused. Previously I was updating a bunch of plugins including sabnzbd and all worked. I tried to update a setting in sabnzbd and got a

    Incorrect parameter. Configuration is locked

    I tried to go back but it won't give me the plugin page again.
    After that the whole problem started with me trying to login to the main page and getting a connection refused. I came to this site and tried all the suggestions in this link: No WebGUI and update is not possible .
    I got this:


    root@omv:~# ls -la /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/total 12drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Apr 22 23:29 .drwxr-xr-x 6 root root 4096 Apr 9 11:45 ..lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 47 Apr 22 23:29 openmediavault-nginx -> /etc/nginx/sites-available/openmediavault-nginx-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2382 Apr 22 23:29 openmediavault-owncloudlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 40 Apr 9 10:35 openmediavault-webgui -> ../sites-available/openmediavault-webguiroot@omv:~#

    I then came to this thread and tried all the suggestions in the linked forum.Nothing worked until I tried this:


    root@omv:~# service nginx startStarting nginx: nginx: [emerg] invalid number of arguments in "proxy_set_header" directive in /etc/nginx/openmediavault-webgui.d/sub.conf:5nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed

    This told me nginX is somehow broken.
    I then tried the omv-mkconf nginx and got nothing.
    After that I tried: root@omv:~# service nginx start and got this:


    Starting nginx: nginx: [emerg] invalid number of arguments in "proxy_set_header" directive in /etc/nginx/openmediavault-webgui.d/sub.conf:5nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed

    So I tried the omv-firstaid repair of the webgui. After closing the firstaid repair, I got this:


    root@omv:~# omv-firstaidUpdating web administration settings. Please wait ...{"response":null,"error":{"code":4000,"message":"Failed to execute command 'export LANG=C; nginx -t 2>&1': nginx: [emerg] invalid number of arguments in \"proxy_set_header\" directive in \/etc\/nginx\/openmediavault-webgui.d\/sub.conf:5\nnginx: configuration file \/etc\/nginx\/nginx.conf test failed","trace":"exception 'OMVException' with message 'Failed to execute command 'export LANG=C; nginx -t 2>&1': nginx: [emerg] invalid number of arguments in \"proxy_set_header\" directive in \/etc\/nginx\/openmediavault-webgui.d\/sub.conf:5\nnginx: configuration file \/etc\/nginx\/nginx.conf test failed' in \/usr\/share\/openmediavault\/engined\/module\/\nStack trace:\n#0 \/usr\/share\/openmediavault\/engined\/rpc\/ OMVModuleNginxAbstract->applyConfig()\n#1 [internal function]: OMVRpcServiceConfig->applyChanges(Array, Array)\n#2 \/usr\/share\/php\/openmediavault\/ call_user_func_array(Array, Array)\n#3 \/usr\/share\/php\/openmediavault\/ OMVRpcServiceAbstract->callMethod('applyChanges', Array, Array)\n#4 \/usr\/sbin\/omv-engined(500): OMVRpc::exec('Config', 'applyChanges', Array, Array, 1)\n#5 {main}"}}Failed to execute RPC (service=Config, method=applyChanges)

    I am sorry but after this, I don't know what to try.
    I have tried all the PC in the house. None works.
    I have tried incognito. It does not work.
    I have flushed my cache. It still does not work.
    I have somehow broken nginX but don't know how and don't know how to repair.
    I am on OMV 2.2 I think on HPZ800 but the server is a Gen 8 1610T running omv only.
    Please help.