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    Can't read the screen but I would make sure you are using the 4.9 kernel. Is the usb key old? I haven't seen watchdog cause a problem when the usb key is failing but it is possible. If the stick is old, the OMV logging could cause it to start failing in a couple of days with the flashmemory plugin.

    Thanks for your reply!
    Uploaded picture with better quality:

    The stick is brand new.

    Should I turn off logging?

    flashmemory plugin, I dont have it installed, should I?

    EDIT: I installed it, stupid of me to have missed that one. Remains to be seen if it will help my problem.


    I recently put together my second server with OMV, this time I chose OMV 3. =)

    My problem is tho;

    NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU and then on all cores?

    Currently its running from a 16 GB usb 3 Samsung usbkey, which I am going to replace with an SSD. <- is this the problem or what can I do to fix it?



    AMD FX-Series FX-8350 4,0GHz 8 cores
    Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P
    Crucial BallistixSport 2x8GB 1600MHz

    Cooler Master B500 V2 500W

    If you can install it on Debian Wheezy, you can probably install it on OMV.

    I installed it but got connection refused, but havn't given up yet.

    I will try out the xrdp plugin and see what's it's all about! =)

    If I'm not wrong, isn't Ptoka a Windows app???

    No, I'm wrong, they seem to have sources for linux...
    Maybe you can compile and run allongside OMV but I would suggest docker...

    Yes, cross-platform =) i will look into Docker, tried VirtualBox, but I could not connect to the RDP so i fucked up the installation some how by Google and no knowledge of Linux :D

    Thank you all for your replys!

    Hi! First post, installed OMV a couple of days ago, i like it! Thank you everyone who's made this possible! =)

    Now to my question, I've searched the forums but didn't find anything.

    Is it possible to make an plug-in of for example PtokaX DC++ Hub?

    Or can i install it along side the OMV install, through the Terminal?

    Hope you understand what i mean!