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    Ciao da Gorizia provincia.
    Sono migrato da OMV3 che andava a meraviglia a 4 che sembra non così splendente.... pesante, occupa spazio, jdownloader attraverso docker è mostruoso, il sistema mangia RAM come non ho mai visto fare... insomma quasi quasi torno al 3.x.

    Hi to all.
    Is it possible to have any help for docker-JDownloader on OMV 4.1.27?
    I followed the examples in this thead but nothing... JD works fine and download into /root/Download and doesn't follow my /srv/location....
    Thanks in advance

    Settings of jaymoulin/jdownloader:
    GID 0
    PID 0

    host path:

    container path:

    Hi to all.
    I'm experiencing so many problems with OMV...
    I'm using a usb to usb installed 2.1 version.
    Finally I got it running and installed the OMV-EXTRAS.
    Settup the RAID1, the shared dirs, SMB, SSH, bla bla bla.
    I installed the flashmemory plugin and modified the fstab manually.
    Then I installed minidlna and mysql (and another one I cannot remember) plugin.
    After rebooting I got an "IT WORKS!" message on the static IP of the OMV. So I run reading on forums and try to remove some apache2* as mentioned (I knwo, I'm a stupid!) and then NOTHING ELSE.
    I did an omv-firstaid, an omv-update.... nothing.
    SSH works, SMB partially works (I can see the shares but it asks me for user/pwd).

    Sorry I'm a stupid newbye.... Help please!

    Hi to all.
    I'm a newby on OMV.
    Untill yesterday I've got a microserver HP N40L with a RAID 1 software (2 disks WD RED 3TB).
    Now I installed OMV3 on a new HP microserver G1610T and I DID NOT touch the configuration of the internal raid B120something.
    Can I simply move the 2 disks from the old server to the new one and then adding them into the OMV?
    Have I to activate the internal raid B120?
    Thanks and sorry for the - stupid - question.