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    Hello all,

    i am a Little bit confused because of the Need of using NAS "desinged" HDDs for a Home NAS. i asume that the normal Status of a home NAS is waiting, therefore drive are in standby. normal Desktop HDDs should be a Little cheaper. is it ok using them instead? Or should i check for something like WD Red?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Thanks for your input. yes, it should be used for basic stuff...nothing too special.
    But power comsumption is important aspect. I have a spare ATX PSU (seasonic) which is really quite, if it fits into a small box...

    so, i will proceed planning.



    Hey there...
    i am planning to replace my friztnas with a dedicated nasbox. I've read nice things about the well known HP microserver, but i found also the interesting website where articles for different types of nas can be found.
    for example this one...…ntels_braswell_und_aes_ni
    this one seems to be a little more up to date which means for example a less power consumption. But is there another advantage or disadvantage by using a selfmade box??
    It is for home use. Do i need ECC? ILo seems to be nice... but is it a must have( except of the additional cost).

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    Hello again....

    i want to mirror my family pictures from my Fritzbox NAS to my tmeporary NetBook OMV (which will be replaced by real NAS in the future). which software i should use, rsync or rsnapshot?

    thx for your help. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


    ich probiere es mal auf Deutsch... Keine Ahnung wie ich es am besten in EN formulieren sollte.

    Ein Notebook hat doch quasi eine USV miteingebaut, kann man das irgendwie mit dem Plugin nutzen? Oder ist da die Kommunikation micht möglich?

    Danke für Eure Hilfe.



    Hello subzero..
    unfortunately also this two tests wont work. Is there an possibility in OMV 3 ??

    i found in /etc/network "interfaces"

    here we go...

    PME stands for power management event?

    Hello again...

    i have a question concerning the user Interface. Recently i was playing with ucs (it was recommended by a colleague) but it seems to a little to much for me (my home). When i started a longer process via the ui (update) it is possible to go on working with the ui. In OMV it is blocked by a status window.
    Is it possible to change this?

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    there is no explcit WOL feature in bios. The switch in omv is on already.

    good night... :sleeping:

    Hi everybody,
    i am testing OMV on my old Samsung Emilia Plus Netbook. I've read that WOL should work with this NB, but in my case it doesnt. Ethtool says WOl is disabled and the LED on my switch is dark when NB is going down.

    I am no Linux Professional... :rolleyes:

    THx and best regards