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    Ok, i´ve found something. When i manually send "systemctl suspend" over ssh to my nas and wake it up, it´s almost instant online. Just like it was in omv4.

    Soooo, the Standby Command in the WebUI seems to be something else. Can i change that?

    So, i can pull the image with your command and i can see it under cockpit. The Web UI says under Status "Created" but i can´t open it. It´s just that i want to try both to decide which one i will use to manage my dockers.

    Yeah i´ve installed OMV4 with the iso. But there wasn´t a Swap Partition showing in the filesystem tab.

    Testing repo seems to be ok tonight. Could activate it. :D

    But the real problem is the boot time from standby. It takes way too long in comparison to omv 4. Any other ideas i could check/try?


    30s to boot is not good enough for you?

    YES! It´s not a boot from power off. It´s only from standby. With OMV 4 it was nearly instant reachable...just about 2-3 seconds.


    DNS is ok (usually that is the cause of a problem).

    Can you pull the image manually?

    docker pull portainer/portainer

    Can´t test right now. I´ll check in the evening.


    No idea. Clear browser cache.

    Ok, will test in the evening.


    You installed with the ISO? Then the installer created a swap partition. I do not have swap, but l think it looks like this if you have one.

    Nope. Like i said. I´ve upgraded from v4 to v5. Do i need this partition or should i delete it and expand the other one with gparted?

    Hi and thanks for your answer.

    1. Must attache those two logs because they have to many characters.

    2.And another thing i´ve noticed right now. I cant install portainer? Cockpit works but with portainer i get an error message.

    3. Is it normal that i can´t activate the testing repo in the omv extras tab? After ticking the button and saving i get this message:

    4.I´ve attached a picture from the filesystem screen. Is this normal?

    Hi there!

    It seems waking up my NAS doesn´t work anymore after the upgrade from omv 4 to 5.

    WOL is activated in the network tab.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

    Also it seems that the nas now takes longer to be reachable after suspend....on omv 4 it takes only a few it takes about half a minute...

    EDIT: Ok, WOL seems to be fixed with omv-firstaid but why does it take longer till omv is reachable?

    Hi guys!

    Need some help from you. Since a few days i get 4 Emails from my NAS when I reboot it.

    I´ll copy the text here:

    [openmediavault.local] monit alert -- Exists php-fpm

    [openmediavault.local] monit alert -- Does not exist php-fpm

    [openmediavault.local] monit alert -- Does not exist rrdcached

    [openmediavault.local] monit alert -- Exists rrdcached

    Please can someone give me a hint how to solve this?

    So, i´ve copied all of the data from this drive to another and then formatted the drive. The installed OMV 4 again and could make a new filesystem on this drive. Copied the data back and everything is now running as expected on OMV 4.

    I´ve tried both ways...upgrade from v3 to v4 and fresh install of omv 4....both with the exact same behaviour! Then i rolled back to omv3....god bless i hat a clonedisk image :D

    I don´t know if we should wait just a little longer or what to do....

    So, what does this mean? I cannot upgrade to OMV 4 or have to wait for a new kernel?

    I just switched back to OMV 3 with Clonezilla and everything works like a charm.

    A little question....for some time i get 2 emails from my NAS everytime it reboots.


    Does not exist Service collectd Date: Thu, 17 May 2018 10:16:58 Action: restart Host: openmediavault Description: process is not runningYour faithful employee,Monit



    Execution failed Service collectd Date: Thu, 17 May 2018 10:17:29 Action: alert Host: openmediavault Description: failed to start (exit status 0) -- no outputYour faithful employee,Monit

    Whats the deal with this? Everything works as expected...i think

    It is available in my system. I see it unter Drives Tab. It is a normal Harddrive and worked like a charm till the update. I haven´t formatted it.

    I have removed the corresponding Shared Folder under SMB and under Shared Folders (Freigegebene Ordner Tab). Under Shared Folder in Use i can´t see the drive.

    The buttons to mount or unmount the drive are greyed out. Only delete is available...see screenshot