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    Did someone find any workaround?

    In my case on clean OMV 5 network works perfect, no problems.

    As soon as Docker and Portainer is installed, on first reboot it looses all network settings.

    With omv-firstaid it is possible to put it back only when LAN cable is disconnected.

    Is there any way to hard code IP address to system / docker / anything?

    Portainer is used for torrents and Plex.

    Hi, all!
    Have a quite fresh OMV 2.2.14 installation with all updates, OMV extras and LUKS plugin 2.1.2. installed.
    Want to do full freshly installed WD RED series non-system disk encryption.
    Trying to create an encrypted device got an error: "Unable to create the encrypted device: Failed to access temporary keystore device.Failed to write to key storage."

    As far as I understand, it's a permission problem in that particular file, am I right? How should I change that?


    The question is more SQL related than OMV related, still I could not find too much info on this.

    On freshly installed MySQL server on OMV2 there are few default users with no passwords, as far as I understand.

    The intention is to use it with Nginx and Wordpress for websites.

    The question is what is the best available practice for this reason?

    1) shall I create password (s) for existing user (s), for example, for root? Or is it enough that I just disable SQL management site after server set-up?

    2) shall I create separate from root SQL user (with its own password) for Wordpress and websites? Or even separate users for each website?

    Dear all,

    So far I managed to put on and working OpenVPN server and get it used by ASUS RT-N66u official OpenVPN client. Configuration was straight-forward, stable and well working. Works right now and all the time

    Wanted to connect to the same server from different place (also different user) via dd-wrt router. Firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r30880 vpn (11/14/16). Could not figure out how. A lot of settings and options, where I can not know what are server's defaults, like: Encryption Cipher, Hash Algorithm, TLS Cipher, LZO Compression. I have no idea what to put there. Can someone help?

    Server says TLS hanshake failed.

    Nginx is able to run several servers. So far I've put 2 WordPress sites on the same server and they run well over LAN. Something like and On a router level external port 80 is forwarded to both: 80 and 81 of the same server.

    The problem is domains - how to feed to Nginx that on request it has to bring up website1, but on www.domain2. - website2 ???

    On Synology devices that is done via Virtual Hosts. I found that on Nginx something similar is related to
    etc/nginx/sites-available/openmediavault-nginx file. At least Nginx writes data of both websites into this file. Now the file of mine looks like this:

    But right now Nginx brings up only first (the oldest) site on both domain requests. What should I do to have it working right?

    Thanks a lot!!!!!

    Everything works as it should also from a web interface after aptclean.

    I remember I changed sources list long ago when original list (from installation ISO) was not working.

    You are doing awesome work, thanks once more!

    No success so far.
    After omv-aptclean and apt-get -f install an update for omv-extras came up in web interface. I do not remember which version was before, but now omvextras is 2.13.4.

    Wordpress and MySQL still returns the same error messages in both: web interface and command line.

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    mywebsql : Depends: php5-pgsql but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: php5-sqlite but it is not going to be installed
    php5-mysql : Depends: php5-common (= 5.4.45-0+deb7u2) but 5.4.45-0+deb7u4 is to be installed
    Conflicts: php5-mysqlnd but 5.4.45-0+deb7u2 is to be installed
    php5-mysqlnd : Depends: php5-common (= 5.4.45-0+deb7u2) but 5.4.45-0+deb7u4 is to be installed
    Conflicts: php5-mysql but 5.4.45-0+deb7u2 is to be installed
    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.

    Made reboot of the server also after all the operations, didnt help.

    And what does it means?

    root@Server2:~# apt-cache policy mywebsql
    Installed: (none)
    Candidate: 3.6-omv4
    Version table:
    3.6-omv4 0
    995 stoneburner/main i386 Packages

    O.K. now I have no problems with enabling pre-release and community maintained updates.

    Still can't install Wordpress. Wordpress plugin installation asks for MySQL. MySQL installation says there is no MyWebSQL and php5-MySQL:


    Dear all, have a strange problem I could not find reason / solution for some time already. Maybe I am missing something.

    OMV 2.2.6, kernel 3.2.0-4-686
    Installed OMV extras 2.13.2
    All updates
    Additionally installed and/or working well: FTP, Samba, OpenVPN, Plex, USBbackup, WEBdav

    Have no idea Pre-release updates and Community-maintained should be on or off for wordpress installation, right now they are off.

    Trying to switch on any of them right now gives an error:

    Failed to execute command 'export LANG=C; apt-get update 2>&1': Ign file: Release.gpg Ign file: Release Ign file: Translation-en Ign plex-wheezy-mirror Release.gpg Hit stoneburner Release.gpg Hit stoneburner Release.gpg Hit precise Release.gpg Hit .............
    etc, etc, etc

    What should I do with this?

    Trying to install WordPress

    Trying to install mySQL:

    Was trying to install via command line, no success.

    Any help appreciated. NOT an expert in linux. Still know how to connect via command-line and execute primitive commands or replace /edit files, if not too complex :(