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    I was able to replicate the issue with another OVM server i quickly built on a HP z800 Workstation. Both running the OVM 2.1. SMB is around 60-65MB/s and NFS is 100+MB/s. I read about the stripe_cache_size but mine are hardware raid.

    Supermicro 6048R-E1CR24N with 24 x 6TB 12Gb/s SAS HDD / 2 x INTEL E5-2620v3 / 96GB RAM (Switched over from FREEnas) / 10 Gbps Intel E10G42BFSR X520-SR2. Raided the 24 drives (RAID 5) using the LSI 3108 which came with the server. OMV is installed on a Intel 128GB SSD.

    Hey Guys,

    Just curious what type of read/write speeds people are getting using SMB on a Mac.

    I am getting around 65MB/s through SMB but getting around 100MB/s using NFS.

    I would like to get faster speeds connecting through SMB. Already tried adding some options under "extra options" Tunning Samba for more speed

    Any thoughts?