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    Sure, I can recreate it, just trying to save myself 10-15 mins, but spending more time troubleshooting. I'll have to do that later.

    I was able to run the suggested command FYI:

    BTW - Only OPENVPN is using port 1194. idk why it says already allocated

    root@deathstar:~# docker run -v $OVPN_DATA:/etc/openvpn -d -p 1194:1194/udp --cap-add=NET_ADMIN kylemanna/openvpn
    docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint dazzling_wilson (53fcf28e0b7c6965d6442de0c6f784ae61cd818c443ac1eacf2bee10562a5261): Bind for failed: port is already allocated.

    I pretty much followed this guide:…-openmediavault-5-docker/

    1. It worked great week first week of install
    2. Performed a weekly restart
    3. Failed to connect, noticed the container was not started, so I started OpenVPN Container
    4. Still failed to connect
    5. Collected logs below

    Couple notes:

    IP of my server is (yes, 1194 correctly FWD'ed on Router, I have not touched network settings)

    Using DuckDNS, My IP didn't change, still valid

    I can't even connect on same wifi using OpenVPN from phone (no wifi)

    Including screenshot of a couple Docker/Portainer containers including OVPN if that is helpful (the IP assignment in Portainer sill confuses me, does it look normal?)

    Stack 1 - Sonarr, Radarr, SAB, & others - Portainer IP of 172.20.0.X

    Stack 2 - Mylar, LazyLibrarian, NZBHydra & others - Portainer IP of 172.23.0.X

    Am I overcomplicating things by setting up multiple stacks? I have no good reason besides a self imposed rule of trying not to overload the stack if thats even an issue. Stack 1 is near 10 containers. Below are logs/samples of my problem. Mylar seems to grab the nzb and send to SAB, but SAB cannot fetch it, idk, look below:

    I have 0 issues with NZBHydra, havnen't configured Lazylibrarian yet. But If this is the problem, is there an easy way to allow stacks to see each other, or should I just put them all in the same stack 1 before I get too deep into customization?

    SAB Log

    2022-01-03 23:18:28,024::INFO::[__init__:551] Fetching<APIKEY>&cmd=downloadNZB&nzbname=Wastelanders.-.Wolverine.001.2022.Digital.Zone-Empire.nzb
    2022-01-03 23:18:28,025::INFO::[nzbqueue:235] Saving queue
    2022-01-03 23:18:28,025::INFO::[notifier:122] Sending notification: NZB added to queue - Wastelanders.-.Wolverine.001.2022.Digital.Zone-Empire.nzb - Trying to fetch NZB from<APIKEY>&cmd=downloadNZB&nzbname=Wastelanders.-.Wolverine.001.2022.Digital.Zone-Empire.nzb (type=download, job_cat=comics)
    2022-01-03 23:18:33,004::INFO::[urlgrabber:134] Grabbing URL<APIKEY>&cmd=downloadNZB&nzbname=Wastelanders.-.Wolverine.001.2022.Digital.Zone-Empire.nzb
    2022-01-03 23:19:33,063::INFO::[urlgrabber:207] Retry URL<APIKEY>&cmd=downloadNZB&nzbname=Wastelanders.-.Wolverine.001.2022.Digital.Zone-Empire.nzb

    Mylar Log:

    Smiggel nearly 2 months of testing, which did you end up liking? I almost went to Synology simply for Photostation but came to my senses. I'm about to start testing photo managements apps, and Photo Prism is at the top of the list and I'll test maybe 2 more.

    Ok, thanks, that is helpful, so just organization. So if I leave SAB where it is, and set up readarr etc into a separate stack, they won't have a problem seeing one another?

    Seems like maybe I should move the monitoring tools into its own stack, thanks again

    stack -

    I'm running a slightly modified version of the above stack. I just want to show what containers are installed/used, dont critique code, I already cleaned it up :).

    Now that I have this up and running, I want to add mylarr, lazylibrarian, readarr. then after that is running smoothe, eventually OpenVPN.

    My question is, do I add them to my existing "Mediaserver" Stack via the editor option in Portainer? Should I create a new separate stack for "reading"? Does OpenVPN need to be in its separate stack? What is the purpose of having multiple stacks? Why separate stacks?

    I'm switching topics to the concern you both brought up regarding pgid. Tell me if I did this correctly?:

    1. Stopped Stack

    2. Created new user, userapp, with SSH & Sudo access (is this ok?)

    3. Edit stack & updated w/ pgid to that of userapp

    4. Shared Folders > /config folder > ACL > Extra Options: Change Owner = userapp & RWE, Group = users & RWE, Others = RWE, Replace & Recurisve (I want userapp to have access to this entire config area right, this correct?)

    5. Start Stack

    Followup question which might trigger a separate forum topic/discussion, now what to do for userapp to have access to my /data folder. Similar to step 4, but for the /data folder?

    Note to self: found this guide earlier today, seems helpful, going off that - [How to] Prepare OMV to install docker applications

    stack -

    I'm following along dbtech youtube video, and he referenced the above stack. I hurdled over a few obstacles, but now have it up and running but with a question. Sab has ports 8181:8080 - 9191:9090. In my sonarr I had to configure the connection to use 8181, but in SAB when I review port info, it's listed as 8080. Make sense?

    Generally speaking what does this mean? Sonarr has 8989:8989 & radarr 7878:7878 which looks more common or makes more sense to me.

    I did not have the option to edit, because:

    This stack was created outside of Portainer. Control over this stack is limited.

    I decided to nuke what I had. uninstall Portainer, uninstall docker, reboot machine, install docker, install portainer, re-deploy stack - Now I see radarr, and I also have "full control"! I just did this, only 5 mins in, time to go back in and reconfigure a few things (luckily this is a new build anyways)

    idk weird, I looked @ my txt/file, and there was an extra space in 2 separate locations, my only idea at what caused all this to begin with

    You are talking about the 2nd line below in the stack right, thats what it needs to be? Sorry, help me figure out, how do I redeploy only radarr? Add stack w/ only the radarr text? But what if I want it attached/together with the existing stack? If I re-deploy the entire thing w/ updated radarr text, would my existing configurations to emby, sonarr, etc be lost?

    container_name: radarr

    stack -

    I'm following along a youtube vide DB Tech made and is using the above stack. The only changes I made was I chose to install my Docker onto a different partition, and obviously the drives/paths. All other containers work just fine, only Radarr didn't install. Being a docker/portainer noob, how do I troubleshoot this? Where can I view portainer logs. I'm away from my server, but I think there was an image in there. Worst case can I delete any radarr references and install radarr fresh? if so, how do I do that, lol, sorry.

    I get this error when viewing the stack, not sure if related:

    This stack was created outside of Portainer. Control over this stack is limited.

    Goal: Install new/fresh OMV 5 while using existing data HD's. However, I want to configure settings during late evening hours, and reconnect original OS HD before bed.

    EX. 10PM- disconnect old OS HD, connect new OMV5 HD, and tinker w/ settings 12 AM - Disconnect OMV5 HD, reconnect old HD. I imagine this would take me a week of configurations.

    Will my data HD's be safe? or too risky? My old HD recognizes data HD's as unionfs

    (old OS HD has OMV3, prefer new/fresh install for OMV5 on a new HD as well)