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    I was asking the other day about an error I got while trying to install the AFP-plugin to use to get Time Machine backups on my wireless network. I got a great answer that the later versions of OMV don't support the AFP plugin anymore since its sitting on Jessie.

    I interpreted this as that there is no solution as to having Time Machine-compatible shares on my network. Am I right in assuming this or are there any other solutions?


    I am trying to setup my OMV on Rpi3. I first had issues with the ntp-settings but after (thanks, tekkb) my problems disappeared:

    However, I have encountered problems when attempting to install the netatalk-plugin and enabling Apple Filing:

    I have tried to purge netatalk through SSH and reinstalling the plugin, but other than that, I can´t seem to find any solutions. Any ideas? :(

    Thanks to all of you who put in so much effort into this project, I am a humble beginner.

    ryecoaaron: when would you believe that there will be an ready image for the rpi3? I am truly not asking to demand or stress anything. : )