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    i missed to delete my shared folder which pointed to an union merged FS of two drives.

    I deleted the fs merge and unmounted the drives.

    but my share is still there and i cant edit it (cannot edit the name) or delete it.

    can someone help me here?


    ok thanks, found my problem. OS drive is full O_o

    Dateisystem 1K-Blöcke Benutzt Verfügbar Verw% Eingehängt auf
    udev 3988132 0 3988132 0% /dev
    tmpfs 802396 10780 791616 2% /run
    /dev/sdg1 106727096 105425580 0 100% /
    tmpfs 4011972 0 4011972 0% /dev/shm
    tmpfs 5120 0 5120 0% /run/lock
    tmpfs 4011972 0 4011972 0% /sys/fs/cgroup
    tmpfs 4011972 0 4011972 0% /tmp

    but here if i count there are only a few giga far away from 100g


    i just tried yesterday to login to my omv 5.x but i stuck on login loop.

    i can type my incredentials and i will jump back to login screen.

    i tried to use omv-firstaid to clean the catch but i also get this:

    any ideas? thanks

    Hi Everyone,

    i freshly installed my NAS after years from 3.x to 5.x Version.
    after i try and error for two days with docker, now i know how it works :)

    but i cant handle my plex server problem.

    after i installed plex via docker, the server starts and the landingpage show me the login screen (forwarded from in my plex account.
    after i logged in, i jump back to my localhost/32400/web .
    it wont show me the config wizard or anything else. i shows me only exact the same online media ass you login without an server.

    i deleted the config files allready, tried again and again to recreating the container, but the server wont show me the config wizard and i cant find any FAQ or help about my problem.

    any ideas?

    Hi Everyone,

    i have some problems with my Repos, when i try to upgrade via


    i get following errors when it trys to upgrade repos:

    any ideas?

    my sources.list looks like:

    deb stretch main contrib non-free
    deb stretch-updates main contrib non-free
    deb stretch/updates main contrib non-free

    and my openmediavault.list

    deb arrakis main

    How did you solved this?
    @jroch74 @wietje91

    im using OMV 3.x

    when i do this:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jcfp/sab-addons
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install python-sabyenc

    when i do apt-get update i get this error:

    W: Fehlschlag beim Holen von 404 Not Found
    E: Einige Indexdateien konnten nicht heruntergeladen werden. Sie wurden ignoriert oder alte an ihrer Stelle benutzt.

    my /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jcfp-sab-addons-jessie.list looks like this:

    deb jessie main

    when i # this entry, apt-update works without an error but dont solve my problem in sabnzb :(

    Thanks for help!

    Hey jkaberg,

    you resolve the problem?

    i got a secure client cert connection to my nginx reverse.

    from proxy i want to go with http to the omv, but without any /omv url i wont work.

    you resolved thad problem?

    location /
    proxy_http_version 1.1;
    proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
    proxy_set_header Connection "upgrade";
    proxy_pass; #i think here is the error
    root@openmediavault:~# mdadm --create /dev/md/RAID --chunk=512 --raid-devices=4 --spare-devices=0 --assume-clean --level=5 --name=openmediavault:RAID /dev/sda /dev/sdb /
    dev/sdc /dev/sdd --verbose
    mdadm: layout defaults to left-symmetric
    mdadm: layout defaults to left-symmetric
    mdadm: super1.x cannot open /dev/sda: Device or resource busy
    mdadm: failed container membership check
    mdadm: cannot open /dev/sda: Device or resource busy

    funktioniert leider bei mir nicht, äußerst ärgerlich bei einem frischen Server.

    Ich hab leider das gleiche Problem. ein Raid 5 aus 4 Platten, nach dem Neustart ist es nicht mehr vorhaden.

    Wird aber noch gefunden:

    mdadm --detail --scan --verbose
    ARRAY /dev/md0 level=raid5 num-devices=4 metadata=1.2 name=openmediavault:RAID UUID=51e8ea9a:9add00f3:8d3dc15c:b33080ae

    Naja, so halbwegs. Das Raid ist eigentlich aus sda, sdb, sdc und sdd aufgebaut...
    Mit dem Befehl mit dem du dein Raid wieder zum laufen bekommst, wirkt bei mir leider nicht.

    HEy Darcmanomv,

    can you explain step by step how you get it working? dont worked for me.

    With the fix subzero implemented I was able to install the plugin after a botched webui upgrade and I'm running the latest 1.0 on omv. Didn't have to do anything special.
    <a href="">Sabnzbd Plugin install error</a> check out this thread for more info.

    hey guys, just registred to post here in this tread.

    im also new to omv, and got same problems wiht installing sabnzb.

    tried everthing whats posted here. 1.0.8 dont work.

    updating via posted 1.0.7 patch also dont work always the same error

    root@openmediavault:~# dpkg -i openmediavault-sabnzbd\[version_patch\]_1.0.7_all.deb
    dpkg: Warnung: Version 1.0.8 des Paketes openmediavault-sabnzbd wird durch ältere Version 1.0.7 ersetzt(Lese Datenbank ... 35778 Dateien und Verzeichnisse sind derzeit installiert.)Vorbereitung zum Ersetzen von openmediavault-sabnzbd 1.0.8 (durch openmediavault-sabnzbd[version_patch]_1.0.7_all.deb) ...Ersatz für openmediavault-sabnzbd wird entpackt ...openmediavault-sabnzbd (1.0.7) wird eingerichtet ...sabnzbd user already exists.cp: angegebenes Ziel â/opt/SABnzbd/â ist kein Verzeichnisdpkg: Fehler beim Bearbeiten von openmediavault-sabnzbd (--install):Unterprozess installiertes post-installation-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurückTrigger für openmediavault werden verarbeitet ...Restarting engine daemon ...Fehler traten auf beim Bearbeiten von:openmediavault-sabnzbd

    how did you get this working?

    Thanks for help!