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    I sorted a little bit the Storage,

    now you will see a "Current" folder for the most actual kernel I build on this source tree.
    If you are intrested in older kernel Versions, you can find them in the "Old" folders.

    Current 4.6
    Current 4.5
    Current 4.4

    I suggest to always install the headers as you may need them to compile additional features like vBox driver ....

    Did you upgraded from kernel 3.16. Maybe this has 2 reasones, wither the C1E states are messing up or this is an firmware issue. I will check tomorrow on my build system.

    In the meantime you could check the C1E states in the Bios.


    the difference --> j1900 is, that I tested this with my j1900.

    Since Kernel 3.10 the barebone systems has an issue in the intel c-State handling. Basically with changing the grub bot parameter this kernel work as well for barebones.
    For all others, you do not need to care.

    Besides that I saw on my system running some VM more stability after upgrading to 4.x.
    Nevertheless the Powerconsumption went up since kernel 4.x on my j1900.

    I use this kernels 4.4.4 now in Production environments without any issues.

    As a quick sidenote this kernels have as well the support to boot from USB 2 & 3.
    So therefore qou will not rcive the message:

    Dropping to Shell!
    modprobe: module ehci-orion not found in modules.dep


    for all of you that want to have their a 4.x kernel running OMV 2 you can download them here.

    Current 4.6 (Do not Upgrade to 4.6, if you need VirtualBOX - Currently there is an issue with the DKMS. If you want still to run it, manually apply this patch for the kernel driver)
    Current 4.5
    Current 4.4

    Installation with: dpkg -i linux-*.deb

    You should install headers & image. On top I suggest before moving from kernel 3.X to 4.X to install the btrfs tools.
    You can load them here, and install via dpkg -i <PAKAGENAME>

    This images include the e1000 modules and the USB modules to boot from a USB Stick or disk.

    For all baytrail users, they are stuggeling with system crashes on kernels > 3.10 (compare this link) please limit the max c_states = 1 in the Bios or via Grub, to get a stable NAS again.

    Have fun.