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    Hello, I have recently installed portainer through the omv extras and i am wondering what is the easiest way to move it from the default install location as I do not want the container running on the USB drive of my OS install.

    Not sure what you mean.

    Shared folders have always been created on the data drives with the path /srv/dev-disk-by...../SharedFolderName

    There was just an additional "shortcut" by making the shared folders available in /sharedfolders/. This feature has now been removed on a default installation and can be manually activated agein.

    What i mean is will the additional shortcut be removed when you do an upgrade from OMV4 to OMV5?


    I plan to install OMV5 in a vm to get used to the new interface and ways of doing things so i can try to best replicate my current OMV4 config. As far as my actual NAS goes, my plan was to put a new USB drive in and just install OMV5 to it and then redo my configuration based on my findings from the virtual machine. After installation of OMV5 will it pick up both of software mdadm raids? Also does this sound like a good strategy to getting my NAS back up and functioning quickly and correctly?


    I logged in this morning and noticed that my Raid 6 array was in an active, checking state. Checking the syslog, it seems to be spamming messages for the past 10 hours about mismatched sectors. The checking seems to be progressing well, it is at 61%. The system was powered down cleanly yesterday. Should these errors be something I am concerned about or do I need to wait to see what the results of the check are before troubleshooting further? Thanks for the help.

    While the filesystems should show it, what is the output of: blkid

    For additional detail, I was able to get the raid back up by recreating it with the same disks and it came up clean. The raid now has a different name, could this by why the filesystem will not mount because it is looking for a different raid name. The device name is still /dev/md127 but the raid name changed from omv2:raid5 to omv2:127. Could this be my issue?

    I rebooted and the "faulty" drive is showing up but the raid will not come up. Any ideas on what to try to bring the raid back up?

    So at this point the reshape has stayed at 0% for the past 8 hours. Is it safe to assume that because the disk failed, it will not complete? If it will not complete, am I safe to power down and confirm the cabling of the drive to see if I can restore its functionality? Anything special I need to do on the OMV side to try to revive this brand new drive?

    The new disk sdj, is also no longer showing up in the disks tab. Should I power down the server and confirm it is cabled firmly or do i have to wait for something to happen with the reshaping?

    Also adding what seems to be the relevant data from the syslog. Those messages continue for another minute or so then stop. It would go over the character limit if I add them all.

    So i followed the process and everything looked to be going as expected. I got an email that the spare drive has failed. Is this just part of the process of mdadm adding it to the raid?

    Above is the output, and you are correct. I would like to use one of the disks that I added via grow to convert the raid 5 to a raid 6.