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    From My failed drives:

    night here. I have reconnected to OMV GUI to look at array reconstruction and it was slow, a timeout accurred. Connected again, it worked.
    I moved to the ARRAY section and found it has just started recovering the second one: 0,0% here.

    It seems my login caused the rebuild.

    I can only suppose here: my drives where sleepy and loggin in woke up them but some kind of timeout accurred.

    I can see all kicked off drives from the array in the drives section. They where addeded at the end of the list like they have been recognized as new.

    I'll leave the system recovering and I pray it will able to end. The second array has a spare too but TWO drives have failed and 16TB takes a long time to recover

    Please remember I have just upgraded to Kernel 4.9

    A last note: as going to the SMART section times out since a couples of week, which command like could I use to disable SLEEP in all of my drives ?



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    thanks god I have added a spare drive to my NAS... and today after the last drive failure the spare device has been needed because SDB has been "kicked off" from the array.

    The strange thing it has appeneded while stressing the system creating a 96GB fixed file for VirtualBox.

    I have attached my LOG file. Is there someone able to undestand what is happening and what has happened ?

    (Note: I have 2 RAID 6 here connected to the same controller. The failed drive is on the biggest one: TESTA)



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    apt-get update

    apt-cache policy linux-image-amd64

    What is the output of: dpkg -l | grep linux

    I have about 20 drives. I have activated SMART for many drives.

    When I open the SMART/DEVICES section the system returns a "COMMUNICATION FAILURE" after about 20/25 seconds.

    I guess that having too many drives to interrogate we reach a TIMEOUT situation.

    Otherwhise, feel free to give me your opinion on how to resolve the situation.

    the faulty drive has been automatically removed from the system. Now I have another one in a different array which is still in place.

    I need to know the following things:

    1) How do I manually remove this drive and add another one as checksum
    2) How do I add a drive as SPARE to a RAID6 one
    3) Is there a way to add 2 drives at the same time (remove a faulty one and enlarge at the same time)
    4) Is there a way add a mirror to a dieing drive one and wait it dies from natural dead ?

    (Today all replacement drives have arrived)

    I have created a NAS on a HP SE316M1 with an IBM1015. On the other PCI slot there is a companion HP 410 used to drive a couple of 72GB sas HD used only to boot the system.
    IBM 1015 cables go to another case with another power supply where about 18 drives are hosted.

    Every 30 minutes-to 2 hourse I find OMV has restarted the system and I have totally no clue for the reason.
    In the log file I find nothing, only the following lines:

    Is there a way to raise log levels and have informations about sudden resets/reboots ?