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  • Your How-To guide for installing onlyoffice in the nextcloud/docker setup is great... but it would be better if you could add a note to say that it will not work with ARM-based computers, such as Raspberry Pi and Odroid. I wasted a lot of time following your guide, but it was never going to work as the docker image it relies on is for AMD-based computers only:

    Running Document Server using Docker Compose

    The above help document states that the required OS is:

    amd64 Linux distribution with kernel version 3.10 or later

    Could you add a note to your guide to prevent others from making this mistake? The ARM-based single board computers are really popular for OMV, nextcloud servers, so it would prevent a lot of people running into trouble.

  • Hi, did you installed the jdownloader on the new omv5 or the old omv4 ?