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  • Hi Jhmiller
    how can i change the script the Banana Pi M series it is not possible to install Sersors it only works with the output: cat / sys / class / thermal / thermal_zone0 / temp
    this is similar to the Raspi. Thank you

    • You can not install it or it does not work one installed?
      If it does install, what do you see if you type "sensors" in a shell?

    • Sensor does not work, No sensors found, sensors-detect does not work either
      the only option is cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

    • I doubt that I would be able to make it work with the plugin. You may be able to set something up manually. There is a guide somewhere on the forums about setting up graphs.

  • Hi Jhmiller,

    where can i dwl the pyload module for omv 3.x ?
    Thank you

  • On the topic of Plex-Plugin 1.0.13 (with PlexPy) - it appears that the plugin does not consider python a prereq. So on a base install, PlexPy doesn't work. However, once python is installed and the service is rebooted - it works fine. So I would assume you just need to add Python as a prereq to the plug in. THanks!

    • I never added python as a pre-req as I assumed that python was installed as a system requirement

  • I´ve tested the plexpy source code, I cannot get it to work, the server runs fine, but does not show in the menu any longer, and plexpy does not work either.

  • can u tell me again how to update sab i am pushing update button but nothing seems to happen .do i have to do it in putty

  • Hi Jamie