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    (Quote from mi-hol)

    I can echo @ryecoaaron´s explanation. The nanopi-M4 is one of the best and was the gamechanger more than one year ago. The Nanopi can be purchased at antratek in Germany who are shipping worldwide. But a German shop is not mandatory…
  • This is an export of my energy consumption in 2020 by today (mid December)

    measured with a precision energy meter the SEM6000 from Voltcraft which has quite good measurements.

    In the first 3 months this year my NanoNAS was not constantly online. Since…
  • kirkdis

    Replied to the thread OMV 5.x OMV 5 no network connection after reboot.
    the issue seems to exist on OMV 4 and 5 installs. So I still avoid upgrading to OMV5 as long this is not solved. For the meanwhile I will stay with ethernet connection as wifi is not realiable.
  • kirkdis

    Replied to the thread Silent and efficient 2-bay NAS.
    is the rpi4 really below 2W idle with OMV installed? I don´t own it myself but heard that the idle wattage is above 3W...