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    (Quote from macom)

    The main reason I got the docking station was to get the eSATA port, so I can connect two disks (actually three if we count the SSD on the internal mSATA which runs the OS).
    Other options would be running the OS from USB and using an…
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    Meanwhile I've put everything inside of an old full tower PC case:

    I had to replace the power supply for the disks. The one on the previous pic was struggling to power both disks. I'm temporarily using an old ATX PSU (not very power efficient at all).

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    Replied to the thread Reset SMART red light?.
    Thank you for the quick reply.
  • bgravato

    Posted the thread Reset SMART red light?.

    A couple of days ago both HDD's on my OMV box started making nasty noises and generate quite a few errors in syslog, like if they were about to fail...
    It turned out it was actually the power supply that was failing. After replacing the PSU, all bad…
  • Finally, I had some time to replace the hardware on my setup...

    Instead of buying new hardware I ended up using some old spare parts from a Thinkpad x230 laptop + some hacking...
    13W idle (and I believe that can be lowered).

    Result here:
    Unusual build from
  • bgravato

    I had some spare parts laying around from an old Thinkpad x230 and this was the result:

    I still need to fix everything inside of a case and maybe find a better power source for the disks, but most of the work is done.

    Tricky part was connecting the two…