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    Since I didn't know where to start on the software side, I tried adding some RAM (before: 8 GB, now: 24GB) and it looks like it solved the problem of delays. So, after all, the problem turns out to have been rather simple and precisely as I guessed…
  • I am running OMV 5 with 12 docker containers and two virtual machines (KVM). None of these containers or instances is particularly busy (most of them are not doing anything, actually), so my CPU usage is below 20% most of the time:

    But whenever I try to…
  • tophee

    Posted the thread OMV 5.x nginx constantly restarting.
    My OMV is acting a bit strangely. Here is what I'm seeing in the syslog:

    (Code, 58 lines)

    Any hints what might be going on and/or how to fix it?
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    (Quote from mamrai1)

    Yes, the bridge option has now appeared for me to. Must have been a recent update.

    But the problem is that I cannot select my ethernet card. It's not showing in the list.

    So you had your card in the list of the "Add bridge" dialogue?