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    (Quote from Adoby)

    This sounds great! It sounds exactly like what I'm looking for.
    Can I find you on e.g. github, so I can find it when/if it's released?

    I think I'll go for something like scorch as a temporary solution.

    Thank you for your help Adoby and
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    Using snapraid you will only be able to restore files you have the parity off. So files added or modifications since a recent sync will be lost. Unless you have a backup copy...

    As far as I know there is, currently, no tool as you describe it. There are…
  • pepsi

    Thanks, I see that I was wrong.

    I found this thread link which explains it to some extent.
    I does however not explain how you can still recover data from a lost drive after you've changed some sectors on the operational data drives since the last sync, as…
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    (Quote from gderf)

    In this case you wouldn't be able to do a full recover in the case of a full drive failure, as the parity data contained in a single parity drive cannot possibly contain all the information contained in multiple data drives. Assuming…
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    I'd like to set up a home NAS to serve my dvd library and handle secure backup of data that is stored on the NAS.
    My budget is tight, but I have a raspberry pi 4 available - which means I'll have to settle for USB3 (which I've read tends to be a bit…