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    SSH is working again, the user 'pi' was no longer part of the 'ssh' user group.

    [EDIT] I also got Samba user login working again :). I reinstalled it and added this smb.conf:

    (Code, 10 lines)

    Then I re-activated the user:
    (Code, 1 line)

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    (Quote from ryecoaaron)

    Isn't that a shame. Providing a perfectly fine install script but no way to get rid of it...

    I'll need at least some kind of hints what I need to change in the sshd_config file...
  • Hi!

    I tried OMV 5 on my Raspberry Pi 4 but I did not like the software and decided to use plain old Samba instead. But boy oh boy am I having fun removing it.

    I uninstalled it via apt-get and also reinstalled samba to reset the config file. Now there are…