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    (Quote from KristjanF)

    I have tried setting up a DNS on my connection, but that not help. What other methods have you tried? Its quite annoying having to disconnect a vpn every time in order to access templates. Currently I am not seeing any solution.
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    Currently I am running into a problem that I cant pull any templates from Portainer or Yacht. Is this because I am running a vpn on my server.

    In portainer I get failure to retrieve template from network.
    In yacht internal server error undefined.
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    Replied to the thread Portainer Alternative.
    When I try to add a template in yacht I get: yacht internal server error undefined. Could I be having this problem because I am running a vpn on my server.
  • There some good hints in that link that work, but there is nothing permanently that works. The fuse.mergerfs filesystem just ends up being broken.
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    Thanks peca89

    The noauto worked only that when I now unlock the encrypted drives there broken. The fuse.mergerfs filesystem will not mount. It would really be become simpler if this was fixed in the future by the devs, because it really is a hassle when…
  • (Quote from gderf)

    Thanks I will have a look at it.
  • Hi

    I am currently using 4x8tb drives where they are all encrypted. Every time I add the drives to UFS and I reboot my server later my system enters emergency mode. I have fixed this by commenting out the drive lines in fstab, then after that my system…
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    Replied to the thread Need snapraid help.
    (Quote from gderf)

    I have read the documentation but its not the most helpful. Why is it that there are no step by step guide to snapraid with images or videos.
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    Posted the thread Need snapraid help.

    For a while I used regular raid on OMV but then decided to switch to snapraid. One of advantages I heard was that the parity drives can spin down in snapraid.

    But in regular raid they need to be spinning all the time. I currently have 4x8tb drives that…