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  • Hi

    I just got swag up and running with Authelia TOTP authentication and while it seems secure, I'm in doubt whether I dare to reverse-proxy my most cricital services like the OMV web-interface or Guacamole.

    What are your advice?

    Thanks in advance...
  • (Quote from raulfg3)

    Thanks for your swift reply. Just to make sure that I understand you correctly. Do I just put this in the subfolder/subdomain.conf files I would otherwise use if the services was container-based?

    And a bonus question: How do I find the…
  • Hi

    I just reached a milestone as I successfully got SWAG up and running with Heimdall as the base domain and protected by Authelia TOTP.

    Now reverse-proxying everything docker-based is pretty straight forward - at least if it's something that is covered by…
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    HI roycordeo

    Basically you need to make sure that there is a open route from the internet to your Nextcloud container. So you need to check that every device in your home network allows traffic through to the container. It doesn't really matter how many…