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    Just checked "Scheduled Jobs" and I see the SnapRaid plug-in created a job there running omv-snapraid-diff daily. I guess that solved my puzzle. I changed it to monthly. All I want now is to set it run at a certain time like 3am.
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    From the SnapRaid->Setting my clicking on the "Scheduled diff" seemed to have enabled the cron job. I guess the configs are what's shown in the "Config" tab under "snapraid-diff.conf".

    But there's no way I can control what time and how frequently it runs.…
  • OK, I ended up manually editing the fuse.mergerfs entry in the fstab file to include the newly added path, and remount it to see it take effect. Apparently the omv's config.xml took in the change I made from the WebUI, but didn't do anything to populate…
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    I've just set up a snapraid array. I see on the "Settings" tab I can change Scrub percentage and frequency. I assume this will set up a cron job to automatically run Scrub periodically. But for Sync, do I have to manually add a job to do it?
  • I added a new path on a new drive to an existing mergerfs folder via the webUI "mergerfs folders" tab "Edit". It asked me to either remount or reboot the machine. I did a reboot. But nothing seems to be changed. I created some files in the new path, and…