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  • (Quote from ryecoaaron)

    Thanks for the information. Last time I checked (a while ago, when deciding what solution would be best for my 10 drive RAID6) brtfs wasn't considered mature enough for production RAIDs (especially levels 5 and 6), but I guess it…
  • Thank you for your responses.
    BTRFS is an interesting beast of a file system, not sure how widely used it is in the NAS world, but it must be somewhat popular if you have decided to implement it. For software RAID, I personally prefer block device level…
  • Hello devs,

    I recently ran into a problem where if there's no support for some mounted file system in OMV (for example, Paragon's UFSD, which I use for MAC and NTFS drives), OMV not only refuses to create shares but even open the share list without…