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  • Hey Spy. I'm a beginner, and I've just written OMV to my microSD and turned on my Pi. I'm at the login screen, and every time I enter "admin" and "openmediavault" some text will appear briefly then it brings write back to the login screen. Any suggestions?

  • Hey Spy. I hope you are doing well. What are your thoughts about the recent split of HP into two companies? Does it affect you directly and your role in HP? I hope everything works out for you. I've been through several re-orgs myself so I can understand what's going on with your professional life. All the best of luck to you sir!

    • So far it hasn't affected my role directly, but I am sure changes are to come fairly soon. Hopefully for the best. I think the split may be a good thing to let us focus at Enterprise and Servers with the CEO still with us. Not much more to say, but I'm crossing my fingers. And thanks for asking!