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  • Hi Macom. Thanks for creating this howto

    I have some suggestions, that you could maybe include in the comments.

    1) If people are having trouble with HDD spinups, it turns out, that the cronjob file in the linuxserver/nextcloud image has only recently been made editable. It's required to recreate the container from a newer image, if one want's to edit this file and change nextcloud settings to AJAX.

    2) If anyone should have webdav issues (airplay in my case), HTTP2 might be the problem.

    3) I got "server reached pm.max_children" errors from the php log, which were solved by increasing the max_children in a similar fashion to what's being explained here. I would add, that it can be good to check with "top" (while doing demanding work), that the increase in threads doesn't start using memory cache, which in my case is on a slow SD card. In general this has sped up cpu/memory intensive tasks e.g. creation of thumbnails.

  • Hi macom, have you seen the screen?

    JDownloader2 on OMV5


  • @mirada: Die Sprache kann man unter "Einstellungen -> Allgemein -> Sprache" ändern, wenn man angemeldet ist.

  • Zur Sprache: wenn du auf deinen Avatar oben rechts klickst und dann Settings >> General anwählst, kannst du die Sprache einstellen.

    Viel Spaß und bleib gesund!!!!

  • Hi,

    ja, das neue Layout ist erstmal gewöhnungsbedürftig.

    Um einen neuen Thread zu erstellen, mußt du zunüchst in das Forum navigieren, wo du den Thread erstellen willst. Dort findest du dann rechts neben dem Forumnamen einen Button "Create Thread".

    Einen neuen Post kannst du einfach am Ende von jedem Thread erstellen. Der Bereich dafür ist schon in jedem Thread vorhanden. Mit deinem Avatar auf der Linken seite. Man muß keinen "Reply" button mehr drücken.

  • Hallo,

    Das Forum hat wohl ein neues Layout ...

    Irgenwie finde ich mich grad nicht zurecht.

    Wo muss ich klicken, um einen Post zu erstellen?

    Und wo kann ich die Sprache auf Deutsch ändern?

    Bevor ich mich angemeldet habe, sehe ich die deutsche Flagge in der obersten Zeile zur Auswahl, aber nach dem Anmelden habe ich keinen Weg gefunden, das umzustellen ...

    Sorry, dass ich Dich hier anschreibe, aber siehe meine 1. Frage ...Gruß

  • Hi Macom,
    I am remaking my duplicati video for OMV5. I saw that you have a guide. Can I point people to your guide for written directions?
    PS I didn't know about the dummy file! Nice work!

  • Hi @macom, can u please help me as I am kinda stuck with my issue w.r.t to installing.configuring( Nextcloud, letsencrypt) using a docker image

    Brief till now:-
    I was able to create a new cert and able to host the nextcloud -it is working from my home network
    When i try to access the same using my phone in chrome with the LTE network, it is throwing an error as

    The site can't provide a secure connection
    <mydomainname.URL> sent an invalid response

    Not sure if the cert is fine, but I can see all the relevant files in the letsencrypt container.

    Can u throw some pointers on the same ,as to how to resolve this problem..


    • Nothing specific. Check the modifications to the different config files. Also better to post in the thread, so that others might be able to help.

  • Hi macom. Have been trying to get all disks in with hd-parm, no luck. At the moment running OMV 5.x , but the same issues. So decided to try hd-idle again (and made sure all disks are at -B 255). It's working fine now!

    One question: Do you use…le-restart-resume.service (i just did and will know in an hour if resuming works correct) or…ment/hd-idle_resume.patch?
    Or do you use the code from _Michael_ ?
    Not using Autoshutdown yet, but will in a few days.

  • Hi,
    I was wondering if you're still using hd-idle? And if so or not, any reason for that?
    Was reading this thread:

    • Sorry, read the info @ sourceforge and it's related to external HDD's. I use internal for my new build... But any advice in which Advanced Power Management setting to choose is welcome though!

    • I use hd-idle for my internal drives; with hdparm the load cycle count increased a lot

    • Thanks, that's interesting... It does work for internal a swell than. And You've been using that for quit some time, right? (was an old thread, I mentioned)
      Was just setting up APM and see what it does with power consumption (don't know how reliable this device really is though).
      Going to disable APM and setup hd-idle, Thanks!
      One thing I was thinking about, how does APM or hd-idle work with docker running, but no image active (stopped)?

    • Maybe hdparm is working fine for your. Check first before installing hd-idle.
      If no docker is running, there should be no access from the docker on the drive. So the drive should go to standby unless another service is accessing the drive.

    • Can't get hd-idle to work properly. As you mention with hdparm the load cycle count increases, so I prefer to use hd-idle. I followed the guide mentioned in topic above. I use v. 1.05 and don't use autoshutdown (yet). Problem is only my 2 WD Green (2x2TB) spin down, not my Samsung drives (2x1,5TB and 1x750GB at the moment). I tried: HD_IDLE_OPTS="-i 0 -a /dev/disk/by-uuid/...", "by-label" and HD_IDLE_OPTS="-i 180" (all drives).

  • Don't use /sharedfolders/... in Docker etc.

  • Good Posts - Good info.

  • Hi just want to know how to post an issue I have with SMB Sharing not displaying folders in the root shared folder

    • Seems you have just registered at the forum. Might need some time befor you are able to open a new thread.

      Regarding your issue: are you referring with "root" to the drive where the operation system is installed? It is not possible to access the operation system folder by SMB or any other share

    • Hi Thanks for answering, I don't have an operating system its just a drive formatted with many folders in it
      Eg if you were to plug drive into a USB caddy it will have many folders 1980's, 1990's, 2000's, 2010, Documentaries.

    • I have not tried, but it might be possible to just add "/" (without the quotes) as path in the "add shared folders" window.

    • "/" worked thanks

  • Thx Macom!!!! Got it installed and on network. Can see it by Router. Cannot see it by other computers. I went by a video, step by step. Computers can see each other. THen I went back to login as ADMIN. I created so many users/passwords. I FORGOT ADMIN PASSWORD! Is there a hidden over ride to get back in to OMV as ADMIN? OR IS THIS A WIPE/ REINSTALL OMV AND REDO (BUT FIND OUT WHY OTHER COMPUTERS CANNOT SEE ME ON NETWORK.)

    Please respond. I am at your mercy. good thing is disability keeps me up at night. so I play with it a long time. my email is if you want to send message that way also.

  • sudo du -BM -d1 -x | sort -n

  • from flmaxey:
    Looking for SMART Stat's? DO apt-get install curl on the command line first.
    Then on the CLI type:
    for disk in /dev/sd? ; do smartctl -x $disk ; done | curl -F 'sprunge=<-'
    (replace "?" with the letter for your disk)
    The above line returns a URL. Copy and past the URL into the address bar on a Web browser.

  • Installation of OMV on any debian version (from tkaiser)

  • I think you're doing good things on the forum. Thanks.

    • Thanks flmaxey. For sure I would make the same statement about your contributions.
      When I started to look into NAS software (freenas, nas4free, OMV) I found a lot of comments regarding OMV having a very supportive and responsive community. Starting to read this forum I understood these comments. So now I am trying to help other users as good as I can. As you might have noticed I am by no means a linux expert. I try to answer only to those questions where I feel confident, but I have to admit, that my judgement sometimes is wrong. So, still a lot of learning ahead....
      Thanks You!!!